Fresh berries - all year round: how to grow strawberries at home?

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13 May 2016

Strawberries are grown mainly because of the delicious berries.And few know that this plant - a real storehouse of nutrients.Tea and infusion of its leaves improves heart function, helps to overcome fatigue and drowsiness winter, treats hypertension, insomnia, atherosclerosis, anemia and other diseases.From the roots of plants do facials and lotions, a decoction of the flowers caressed with inflammation of the throat.It also means drink with acne and other eruptions to normalize metabolism.But perhaps the most surprising thing in strawberries that it is quite unpretentious (except forest berries), and it can be grown at home.


house can take root and ordinary strawberries, but a better yield, and several times a year, give remontant varieties.The first berries can be collected from bushes within six to eight weeks after planting in a pot plant.For large berries prized cultivar "Elizabeth II».Good yields are different: South, Clear, Red Richie (berries grow up to 6 cm in diameter), Roshchin

skaya, Mount Everest, Maherauh.For small-fruited include: Alpine, Ruegen, Alexandria, curly, and others. Good feeling at home Strawberry Baron Solemaher, Shpanka, Rugiya Rhine and Vale de Roulet.Berries last smell like a forest plants, but much larger than him.

planting, care

for growing strawberries in the home are suitable pots of not less than 3 liters.The balcony boxes plants planted at a distance of 20-25 cm from each other.The best soil - a mixture of semi-decomposed peat with mineral fertilizers.At the bottom of the container is poured drainage.Berry planted on the sunny side.

Validating take seedlings directly from the garden.In the fall, before the first frost, choose the healthiest items with large leaves no stains and other damage.Carefully break, separating from neighboring plants.In order not to disturb the root system, with a lump of land, transplanted into a pot, watered abundantly, and enter the house.

Strawberries are planted directly into the pot in which it will grow.Older plants can not tolerate "resettlement" to a new location.

most common strawberries, as well as strawberries, propagated mustache.However, there are varieties remontant strawberries which do not form tendrils.Such plants are propagated by dividing the bushes and seeds (for them leave the biggest berries).Seeds sown in the cups in January - early February, the seedlings are planted in balcony containers in April-May.

Strawberries watered sparingly.Fed once or twice a month with cow or horse manure, twice a year - in trace elements, pour a solution of copper sulfate.To plant bear fruit throughout the year, in the autumn and winter it is illuminated by fluorescent lamps.

Strawberries in the cabinet: experience forumchanin

Member Forum Vernik91 grows strawberries in the closet.A few pots the size 32h32h28 forumchanin dropped remontant varieties: Cinderella, Alexandria, Alexandrina, Ruyan, Onex Time, Baron Solemaher.

Plants dosvechivayutsya six lamps 18W.The average temperature in the closet - about +30 C. Strawberries Vernik91 pouring ordinary water, the leaves of the spray moisturizes.The first berries appeared small, but very sweet and fragrant.

In the process of growing Vernik91 faced with such problems: one from the bottom of the bush leaves began to turn yellow, there were black gnats.Validating advised him to fertilize plants, dry earth and watered moderately in future: fungus gnats start up when there is an excess of water.

most common room strawberries attack pests such as the strawberry mite and sawfly.On berries can appear gray mold.If the soil pereuvlazhnyat - powdery mildew.

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