The capacity to collect water

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13 May 2016

As a novice gardener kidar grew potatoes and ruined crops, spraying it with water from the tap.And the thing is that the plants should be watered no running water, and heated.

to watering the garden bore fruit, the water should be warm.Heated running water is expensive, and in the evening, when all gardeners are engaged in watering, it simply is not in the water.Therefore kidar made of metal and installed in the garden a storage tank for water and dyed it brown.At night time the tank is filled with water from the tap, in the daytime, the sun, the water warms up and the evening is used for irrigation.

People often do not optimally use their time and do not realize that everything can be made much more efficient and faster.Saving time in the most simple actions, with many repetitions, get more free time gain.

to manufacture tank kidar had to solve several problems

  • order to warm the water in the tank for irrigation, it must be put on the sunniest spot onsite and painted in a dark
    color on the outside and inside.
  • to quickly and easily set the water from the tank bottom valve must be installed.Its height should be slightly above the bucket, but not much, to avoid splashing.
  • To reduce the time during opening and closing the valve it must be poluoborotny and its diameter must be as large as possible.Water spray should be directed downward.
  • purity buckets or other containers at a set of water can be saved by placing them on a clean surface-bars.
  • height top of the tank should be such that the random garbage could not get there, and at the same time, it would be easy to draw water, such as a bucket.
  • summer visitor to quietly go about their business filling the tank should be automated.
  • Zoom algal blooms and its evaporation from the tank can do for him cover.

water tank

Water tank volume 2.5 kidar cube set on the sunny location, near the beds, putting it on two concrete blocks the size of 2,4m x 0,6m x 0,4m, lying at the cottageafter construction.Obtain optimum height for filling the tap and for zachёrpyvaniya over the top.If necessary, the blocks can be used as steps.

for watering the garden from the tub, he connects the pump Grundfos JP 5 - powerful and quiet.With it, he pours large areas of land and using watering watering limited areas.

summer he sets the pump to the tank by a decorative fountain and take a cool shower.

Filling the tank with water

To be on duty near the faucet when the water goes, he set the ball valve - both in the toilet tank.When water is in the water tank is filled to the desired level, and then the water supply is stopped.Usually, by the morning of the tank filled with water, and in the evening the sun heats the water in the tank and is ready for watering.

For watering spring planting, he uses the melted water.For this to tap not frozen, instead it sets a piece of rubber hose with a plug, and the tank falls asleep snow.So, useful meltwater pours first spring shoots.And when will be cold, you can fill the tank with water from the tap.

There are several ways to avoid flowering in pond water:

  • Exclude getting sunlight into a container with water, but it does not always work.
  • often use water that it does not stagnate.But if ever it rains, it is difficult to do.
  • Chemical methods are not suitable.
  • Application ultraviolet light.A promising method, but not yet used.

therefore remains one way - mechanical cleaning of water.

One way to clean the tank, pool - is the collection and draining of the upper layer of water, where the majority is born and develops plant life.If this water is periodically drained using for irrigation, the problem will be solved.

General cleaning tank

Over the summer, a general cleaning of the tank kidar produces twice with a powerful jet from a car wash.After washing the walls of the tank are rough, you have all the slime washed off completely.With rags did not achieve.

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