Window bars with his hands

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27 April 2016

Welded window bars are the best option for those who want to save or make them yourself.His strength and rigidity, they are not inferior to forged, and their aesthetic appeal will depend entirely on your imagination.All you need to make them - a round metal bars or square, Area 36, ​​40, 45 or 50 profiles and inexpensive welding machine.Moreover, that such a unit is not a pity to spend money - it is always useful to the country.

Regular blank grill is not difficult to make.First, measures the opening windows on the length, width and diagonal.Then - make a frame for a lattice of a profile or a conventional tube or corner bar.Then - cut material size and scald.After that, you can start decorating the frame with a pattern of bars or elements of artistic forging.

If you decide to put the window bars, it should be remembered that at least one of them should be fixed, that is,tightly fixed to the window opening, and swing - in case of fire.It is possible to hang the inner padlock.

Create pattern

Member Forum tobias Council as decor for window guards choose not to repeat the pattern - it will be harder to do, and any image.First podyschu beautiful contour drawing.Those who have no artistic talent can use images found on the Internet.

a picture can be stretched to the desired size in any graphics program.Tobias used MS Visio - it allows you to split a large image on a sheet of A4.

Figure printed on real paper, then glue the sheets.To produce an image on the grid used forumchanin rod of 6.5 mm in the bay.

sheets depicting lay on a flat surface.Collect picture of the rod segments.To determine the length of a particular segment tobias used wire thickness of 1 mm - it can easily be put along a line on the paper.Then straighten the wire, and it cut the rod from the bay.With a pair of pliers and arm front suspension of the car "Niva" segment bend to the desired shape.Ready to lay out pieces of paper and connect with each other by welding.

Remember that it is impossible to weld on paper!Validating took advantage of the old window frame with the glass: paper placed a picture from the bottom, and the segments spread on the glass.Since the welding is cracking, tobias the back of the transparent tape stuck to the glass does not fall apart.

figure was too big and did not fit all the glass, so it had to be welded in parts.After welding glass drawing from the back side can boil on a concrete floor.When all of the images are ready, place them on the grid and are welded to it.

produce one image taken one day off.

Installation lattice

Install window guards on their own, too, is not difficult.It can be fixed with pins from bar.Attach the finished grille to the window opening, mark the holes for the pins.If the frame is made of lattice shaped tube or corner, they first need to drill four holes diameter pin or a little more.As a rule, do mount a four-pin - two on each side.

Then prepare a drill with hammer and drill bit with the same diameter as that of the pins or slightly less - to the pin firmly sat on the wall.Drill holes on their depth will affect the distance from the wall to the frame lattice.Insert the window grille and hammer the pins into the holes.If the frame is made from rods, pins needed to drive the inner side.Now it is possible to weld the bars to the pins.

hinged grill will do a little bit more difficult because you have to do two doors, awnings and then weld the embed lock to do anything under his ears.

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