Stands for hot - interior decoration

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27 April 2016

When you look at the interesting and, at the same time, simple solutions, always ask, "And why is it never occurred to me?".However, to take advantage of someone else's idea, especially when it divided wholeheartedly - is not a sin.And if privnesesh and something different, something simple up turns into a real work!

After creating dishes from Aleskerov left several decorative elements of the tiles.Then forumchanin and decided to make them into something beautiful and necessary.After some thought the owner had the idea: to make a stand for hot, which will become more and decorations to create their own hands kitchen.

To make such a product, in addition to the tiles, decors, you will need to rack frame, cardboard, cork, wood stain and alcohol nitro lacquer.

Step 1. Frame

Aleskerov found in the reserve rack 5 mm thick and 15 mm wide, one was 20 mm wide.Validating mark them by size and cut tiles with the help of the wort.Then sandpaper drove corner joints.Elements of the framework master first tried

glue and corner joints - strengthen brackets, using the construction stapler.However staples was a large size, because of what came out on the front side.So we had to look for another option.Aleskerov took a thick cardboard and pasted it tiles and the frame, and then cut the excess cardboard.

Step 2. Substrate

Since the board is not very durable, forumchanin pasted panels on cork sheet, which cut off the excess.Aleskerov advises not to throw these scraps - they will be useful to you in the future for new creative ideas.

then forumchanin Stopper frame joints.

If you plan to cover within the water stain, sealer should be avoided.

Step 3. Cover

Aleskerov covered frame alcohol stain.She lay flat on the wooden frame, and putty.Colour stains chose to he came under the kitchen interior.After the stain has dried (alcohol dries quickly), frame covered nitrovarnish.

Likewise forumchanin processed cork: it protects the decorative panel, even if you put it on a wet surface.

Use decorative clips, such as curtains, and your support will become a beautiful decoration of the interior of the kitchen!

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