Flowers in pots and hanging baskets

By Admin | Garden, Garden
13 May 2016

They create a bright, flowering all shades of the rainbow, floral oases throughout the summer.Who are they?Flowers!Flowers in pots and hanging baskets.It is to them we dedicate this issue of our newsletter.

One of the most popular and beloved annual plants, which are used to decorate the garden to give it a decorative throughout the summer season has been and remains Petunia.The topic of the same name, you can ask a question, get an answer and get to know the experience of growing this plant petunias enthusiastic members of the forum.

With the variety of species, varieties, belonging to a group;with a time of sowing, seedling development and formation;the description of varieties of plants for the recommended amount of a certain volume of the pot, with a huge library of pictures - with all that you can meet in the topic "Classification of petunias (catalog)."

your plants to bring you joy and not only caused grief for them need appropriate care.The theme of "Petunia - diseases and pests" will help

you avoid frustration in growing petunias.

For those who do not have time to get acquainted with the above topics will approach "Petunia (FAQ)", in which, as the bottom line, collected basic information on care and vegetative reproduction petunias.

In this unit we will look no less attractive plants that fans are, at times, much more dedicated and passionate than fans petunias.The main advantage of these plants is that they are versatile and can decorate our homes, both outside and inside, perfectly surviving the winter in pots on the windowsill.

spectacular, bright, perfectly transports the sun and rain without losing decorative, luxurious hats with flowers of various colors and no less decorative foliage - it all belongs to the "Pelargonium".

Those with balconies and terraces are not spoiled by the sun, and the desire to decorate the house and resting place of bright and varied in form flowering great fit "begonia tuber."Among a variety of groups and varieties Begonias You will surely find for themselves the variety of the soul.

Another plant, to which you should pay attention - this Impatiens.Recently, interest in him still increases due to the appearance in the sale of seeds of new varieties with simple and double flowers of various colors.

Talking about the brightness of the following flowering plants is not necessary, but without any of them seldom does any floral arrangement to decorate the house and garden flowers in pots or hanging baskets.

example, Lobelia.This unique plant has a degree of intelligence, that with all its charm and abundant flowering is ready to cede the primacy of any flowering plant close completely at ease emphasizing its beauty.

How to plant, care for seedlings, grow and maintain during the winter a great plant for hanging baskets Dihondru.This you can learn from the eponymous theme.

It's hard to resist the charm of a modest Bacopa.Luxuriously hanging, profusely hats this plant can serve as a real decoration of your garden by themselves or in combination with other plants grown in pots and hanging baskets.

Well, in the end, we offer to pay attention to the theme "Flowers in pots and hanging baskets" that will help you combine all of these plants are in excellent compositions can beautify your garden during the summer season.