"Garden of Dreams" in the English style

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13 May 2016
¬ęGarden of Dreams" for Alina, forum participants "Home and cottage" - a variety of types and colors, which every inch of the area, you are happy all year round.This is something that does not require special care, but needs special care and attention.In this garden there is a rare and unusual plants.Here - with the exception of roses, just what gave the band by nature.

Embodying the dream into reality on a plot of 20 acres, located on Bear Lake in the suburbs, Leka create not just an expressive decorative garden, and "friendly" to all tenants of the house - for adults, children and animals, a relaxedand active pastime.


For ideal Alina took the style of English gardens - elegant, with deliberate neglect, filled with a wide variety of, but think carefully about plants.

In the first year of Alina and her husband arranged a playground in the pit remaining from the fire pond.Next - divided the entire area into several zones.On the front lawn owners once planned large mixborders with conifer
s: thuja, blue spruce, pine, fir trees, willows and ferns of the forest.Later, a little annoyed perennials.

The following year near the lawn were arranged two beds.In one - a few large host, weeping larch, stonecrop and sow thistle.Second supplemented irises and large stones.Later planted flowers: roses, phlox, delphinium, dahlias and other.

The second zone - in front of the house were planted roses.But because of the clay soil the flowers are not taken root and were planted throughout the site, and in their place, as the Christmas tree, settled low spruce "Hoops" with a beautiful silvery-blue needles.

was immediately arranged recreation area with pool, swings, umbrellas and sun loungers.In another place, "relaxation" was arranged fountain surrounded by granite rubble, garden furniture and plant stands.

Another interesting area is the area that Alina calls "French patio" - a place on the side of the house, next to a neighbor's fence, which is usually neglected.It placed a narrow bed, propped up the remnants of bricks, where feels comfortable Hydrangea macrophylla, rhododendron and other "naughty" plants.

of tracks

sidewalks were originally constructed from natural stone, but because of the fall of his children were removed, we removed the sod on a bayonet spade, lay a bed of sand thickness of 10 cm, then - granite rubble.Then lay a pine boards, bottom composition impregnated from rotting from the top - oshkurennye toned paint and covered with wood wax-based.As the advantages of tracks Alina says that they are warm - the kids can sit on them, not slippery, always dry (the water does not stagnate).

Garden Care

According to Aline, the English garden does require much less time than a traditional garden or a vegetable garden.Spring planting is necessary to open and razokuchit (rose and young conifers), freshen the mulch and where necessary - cut.In May, the owners weed weeds.In the future - clean withered flowers and yellowed leaves, watered, destroying pests.

autumn garden thoroughly weeded.Perennials are not cut, even though it adds a spring works: First snow that falls on plants, miraculously transformed the site.

feeding is carried out 1-2 times per season: fertilizer granules thrown under the plants, with irrigation they enter the soil.Foliar feeding is carried out only for roses: dilute and spray on the leaves.Lawn regularly fertilized, mown and combed spring.

Useful tips from Alina
  • before planting a lawn is to equip the beds, paths, mixborders, and only then - to prepare the ground for the lawn;
  • lawn is better to sow Minty: it is more suited for the local climate, fescue prone to damping off, he does not tolerate the winter;
  • put plants close, when they will grow, you can remove the excess, but reduce weed growth;
  • curb tape spoils the appearance, instead Alina advises using boulders;
  • lay the section of drip irrigation hoses - they are much simplify the care of a garden;
  • when buying pots for plants, pots, choose a large volume: they grow better plants and the soil does not dry;
  • not worth fanatically fight weeds, some of them very decorative, and with good care look better than crops.
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