The elixir of eternal youth - creativity

By Admin | The Hands
27 April 2016

Build a hut on chicken legs, so much so that all the time windows for the sun - all this is a piece of cake to our man.

Why do we desire to do so sitting, improve?See for yourself how many newspapers and magazines in a variety of topics covering various types of self-creation, on the ground or in the house, however, is always something neprogovorёnnoe, unknown and yet undiscovered for themselves.And most importantly, we always have something to improve, even though we have only four hundred square meters, and can precisely because there are only four ... Only if our poverty?Or we are all back from Leskov lefties?

A breaking away from the city routine, with its rigid rules of time and space, man in his backyard and spreads its wings at all.After all, it is the soul of our human land, and it is here, on earth, under the influence of circumstances or under the pressure of beauty, we always want something better in our own world.And most importantly, we always have something to add the world from itself.A

nd then share it all with others.Maybe our experience and not useful, so maybe someone will push for their own achievements.

Many creative people to effectively create, left and go to live on the land.Sometimes, on a whim, sometimes by an evil alien will.Tell me - Pushkin - Boldin Autumn, really bored?

Say, where Pushkin and where we are ... But if you please, because art is not only painting and ballet, poetry and prose.Tell me, is it not art - to grow in places where the winter half-year, while the remaining six months of rain - a watermelon or cantaloupe?There is not a carrot or a potato - watermelon man wants to grow.Yes, the market is easier to buy - but that is not interesting!And the argument you our man - not interested!Not interested in the old dig the beds, just interested to build a house, and the flowers in the garden should be any such things, and grow as do not like at all.Hence, the incredible gardens with exotic vegetables - fruits, unusual home, the bottle of blocks, with extraordinary exquisite carvings.A craze for landscaping?Rocky Japanese garden, among the beds of potatoes in the Ryazan wilderness - it's not art?

Unusual summer resident of our ability to make candy from the fact that in all their characteristics should long ago have been consigned to the dustbin, no, it's not banal greed.This interest and the ability to see in the old zest and waste, and after that included creative thought and ... the process of creating the next masterpiece started.

And by the way, people who are engaged in creative work, have better health and live longer.It is scientifically proven!The pleasure of work, the need to solve complex creative tasks, which have to constantly learn new things, allows a person to keep us healthy.By the same incarnation of the many ideas creates a certain mood for the future.Well, to be honest, it's interesting because waiting until the harvest of a new variety of cucumber, also planted by a new technique!

And there is nothing unusual in this, the mechanism is simple.The creative search a person experiences unusual emotional lift, which can be compared only to the state of love ...!This means that the increased release of happiness hormones that cause the body to work better, and our cells are actively saturated with oxygen.A brain has learned from recent research, generally without a good load and constant updating of knowledge is able to wear, which can lead to dementia.

creative activity is a good way to stress to the body, that is not the same - exhausting and draining and invigorating and literally shaking our system as a douche.In addition, it is one of the best ways to get away from the "bad" stress - if you engage an interesting case, that of all sorts of minor troubles quietly and forget.

So we can assume that not only makes the need for a person to engage in creative work, it turns out that when he gets the benefit and for your health!

But that's not all, in today's society often talk about the problem of loneliness, but a person enthusiastic, create, this is hardly a problem may occur.And not just because he was so well with himself and his work.Fascinated people tend to be very actively communicate with their own kind, networking, and organizing clubs.They always have something to share themselves and have something to learn from others.They are always open to the information that comes from the world, and so he never ceases to be interesting to them.In other matters, as well as they are the world!

So it is hoped that the genus "kulibinyh" and "left-handed" in Russia will never be translated, and no reforms and upheavals can not break this streak in us with you!No wonder Russia has always been the main supplier of creative thinkers.