Transforming waste heater into the dryer for shoes

By Admin | The Hands
26 April 2016

For winter begins to gradually take their positions, and therefore, visits to a country house will become more and more: it is time to prepare for the next holiday season.And that in wet and slushy weather was pleasant work, Vet27 proposes to make the dryer for shoes.After all, much more comfortable to work in the garden or the garden in the dried papers after yesterday's shoes.And in the evening you can dive into the warm slippers, and finally relax.Besides, this is an interesting idea for the hall will provide additional heating of the corridor.

for manufacturing shoe dryer, you will need one small thing (all - on hand and readily available!): Old heater in working condition, a little wood, river stones and, preferably, a loyal friend nearby - even if not for the help, so to set the mood!

Vet27 used:

  • oily heater 500W;
  • bar 30x50 mm;
  • screws and metal corners for mounting;
  • small stones;
  • paint.

start with a simple: free the heater from unnecessary elements, legs, handles, fixtures, etc.Now o

n to the more hard work: you have to collect from the bar sawn basis for future dryers.

Vet27 built something like two frames between which is sandwiched a heater.To the moisture flowing from the frozen and wet shoes, did not get on the electrical components of the device forumchanin power supply cord with indicator and leave the cabinet dryer.

Paint timber, gather all the elements of design and fix the radiator in the enclosure.Do not forget the legs - they are necessary to the floor and dryer itself is not heated.The size and design of the legs, choose, depending on the interior hallway and your imagination.Be sure to check the dryer on a makeshift operation, and then lay on the radiator stones.

Make feet higher, and then it will be at the bottom of a shelf or attach additional grate for drying, such as gloves.

Vet27 was pleased with his invention: a dryer works flawlessly for several months.The fact that the radiator is placed horizontally, its work is not affected.Validating added design timer, setting it to a power outlet.Thus, the device can work almost around the clock, resting for an hour every three hours.

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