The budget for the kitchen countertop with his own hands

By Admin | The Hands
26 April 2016

kitchen countertops should meet the highest standards.As a rule, it is made of a durable material that is not susceptible to hot and resistant to mechanical stress.

concrete surface

combine beauty and strength of the worktop can be made of concrete.Options for its manufacture - a few.One - to make the formwork and frame to later in the desk could mount the hob and sink.To do this with the help of tin strips creates an isolated circuit, which does not get concrete.Then reinforce the base product and pour the solution.

Another option - to build on a new countertop old: it is washed, dried, and well-polished.Then, liquid nails to secure the ends of the aluminum border and corners.After a day on the prepared base can be filled with concrete mix.

for concrete countertops is better to take a polymer cement mixture for self-leveling floors.It creates a flat surface with small pores.

If top plan decorative layer, the concrete mixture is filled up to the top: it should not reach the upper edge of

the slats about 10 mm.When the solution is completely dry (about two days), you can start decorating - tiles, marble chips, etc.

worktop chipboard and drywall

Member Forum shurigin replaced the countertop of chipboard, which could not stand the dampness in the area of ​​cleaning, water-resistant on two sheets of plasterboard gypsum plasterboard, reinforced mesh them together.Then I glued tile and places processed sealant.

SlobalWS several times to equip the kitchen "from scratch".Since prices for table tops not pleased, they looked for alternatives.All thought, came to the conclusion that it is best to do a cover for a table of these materials: plywood, liquid nails, tiles or porcelain tiles and grouts.The first time for the manufacture of countertops it used lumber 40x50 tiles and normal.The tree is attached to the floor with metal corners and dyupelyami - to the wall.Put plywood on top, screw it with screws (flush).Thus forumchanin I got a flat surface for laying tiles.

next time the host as supports for the countertops took a sheet of laminated chipboard.Table top and lying on a bar that was on the perimeter walls.Plywood 15 mm sawed to size.It is mounted on the liquid nails.Top pasted granite floor (it is not any traces of the drill, nor of scissors).He was used as a border.

Price: chipboard - 1200 rubles., Plywood - 680 rubles., Bar - 200 rubles., Liquid nails, fasteners and corners - 1300 rub.Total spent on the countertop 3380 rubles (without the cost of porcelain).

ANDREUS12 frame kitchen countertops made of timber 40x40.Attached with screws to the walls and floor.In the framework laid sheets of water-resistant drywall.Tile, Tile chopped conventional, horizontal surfaces to put tile adhesive, and vertical - for liquid nails.The seams between the plasterboard clobbered alabaster, between tiles - grout.Surfaces plastering putty and skins for painting.It did not fast, but enough budget: most of the material - plasterboard, timber and grout left over from other works were bought only tiles and glue.

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