Apple varieties

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12 May 2016

Such ubiquity of this tree is partly due to a huge variety of species.For almost any climate zone and for any type of soil derived varieties of apple trees that will thrive and bear fruit abundantly.

Apple tree Breeders tirelessly working to create new varieties.It is estimated that life expectancy of apple varieties - 300 years.But there are varieties of long-lived, for example, grade Sic over 900 years old, he was already known in Kievan Rus, Calville white variety cultivated since Roman times, more than 2,000 years.

All varieties can be divided into ripening period: summer ripen in August, the shelf life of the fruit is very small - no more than 3-7 days, maturation Autumn arrives in early September, the shelf life of 1.5-3 weeks, winter varieties ripen in late Septemberfruit can be stored for a long time, several months.

Experienced gardeners know how to choose the varieties of apple trees, so that provided apples all year round.

Novice gardeners should know there are concepts removable ripeness and consu

mer maturity.Harvest maturity - the level of development of the fetus is characterized by the complete formation of the fetus, the ability to remove the fruit from the tree, and storing it.

Consumer maturity comes when the fetus acquires the typical coloring of the variety, flavor, aroma.

summer varieties have two stages of maturity are the same.We can just have these benefits, but they can not be stored.And the fruits of winter varieties - on the contrary, are stored for a long time, but at the time of removal of the tree can not be there.Inherent taste and aroma of the fruit in the process of becoming a long maturation.

also divided into early appearance of fruit varieties, sredneplodnye, pozdneplodnye depending on what year of life, the trees begin to bear fruit.At this early appearance of fruit 3-5th year of life, sredneplodnyh - 6-8-th year for this pozdneplodnyh 9-14 th year of life.

As one article can not cover all the existing features of apple varieties, and there are more than 20,000, consider some varieties released for the suburbs.

Antonivka - the name combines several varieties: Antonivka dessert, Tula, Krasnobochka, Aportovaya, Major, and others.This autumn and winter varieties, the fruit can be stored up to 2-3 months.Antonovka gold - summer grade.Weight of fruit - 120-150 grams, shape or ploskookrugloy ovalnokonicheskaya.Characterized by a strong flavor;greenish-yellow, with juicy flesh, taste good.Antonivka has a high winter hardiness and yield.

Sic - an old variety.For zoned suburbs winter grade Sic red, Sic Pushkin.The trees begin to bear fruit at 5-6-th year of life.Fruit weighing more than 125 grams, a conical shape, good taste.Winter hardiness is good.

Babushkino - late winter variety.It is an ancient variety of national selection.The fruit is medium in size with a very good taste.It is characterized by a very good winter hardiness.

White filling - old variety, apples can be removed at the end of July.If you stay with the collection of fruit quickly lose their flavor.The fruit is medium in size, very good taste.Good winter hardiness, but it may be affected by scab.

Antonovka Sic White filling

Bessemyanka - grade selection Michurin.This autumn variety, fruits are stored for about three months.The fruit is medium in size, flattened round, yellow-green coloration, with a bright red blush.The flesh is sweet-sour taste.The trees begin to bear fruit in this class for the fifth-seventh year.Trees are winter-hardy, have a high resistance to scab.

Bogatyr - winter variety.The fruits are large, flattened round form.The fruits have a pleasant sweet-sour taste.The fruits are stored for a long time, up to nine months.Fruiting begins at 6-7 years.This variety has an average winter hardiness, high resistance to scab.

Borovinka - old Russian variety of national selection, has been known since the XVIII century.In Russia, this variety was valued lower than, for example, Antonovka.Autumn variety, fruits medium-sized, light green or yellow.The flesh is juicy, sour-sweet taste.Apple trees of this variety come into fruition for 5 - 6 years old, have a high winter hardiness.

Bessemyanka Hero Borovinka

Vatutin - winter variety.The fruits are large, sweet with a little sour.It comes into fruition on 5 - 6 years.The fruit can be stored until April.Winter hardiness is not very high.

Korean woman - autumn dessert varieties developed at the Research Institute of Horticulture them.Michurin in 1935 apple trees of the varieties hardy, resistant to scab.The fruits are large, flat-rounded, yellow color with dark red stripes.The flesh is juicy, sour-sweet.Apples can be stored for about two months.

Grushovka - an old variety of national selection.Summer variety, small fruits with juicy fragrant flesh sweet-sour taste.The fruits are yellow in color with a slight blush.Apple trees of this variety winterhardiness but have poor resistance to scab.

candy - summer grade.Small fruits ripen in August, have a juicy, very sweet flesh is greenish-yellow in color with red touches.Winter hardiness is good.

Cinnamon new - this variety is characterized by large fruits weighing 130-160 g fruit shape is round-conical, greenish-yellow coloring with red stripes blurred.The flesh is tender, juicy, sour-sweet taste, fragrant.Autumn variety, the fruit can be used until January.Start fruiting at 6-7 years.This variety has good winter hardiness, high resistance to scab.

Perry Candy Cinnamon new

Lobo - Canadian winter variety.The fruit is large, yellow-green and raspberry red.The fruit pulp of good, sweet-sour taste.Apple trees of the varieties have an average winter hardiness, slightly resistant to scab and powdery mildew.

Cinnamon striped - early autumn variety of national selection.Fruits of medium size, has a strong napiform flattened shape.Fruit pulp is tender, sour-sweet with the scent of cinnamon.The fruit can be stored for two to three months.This variety has the highest winter hardiness among varieties of central Russia.Quality is average to scab.Among the disadvantages of varieties breeders say later entry into fruiting and easily split wood.

Mantet - Canadian early appearance of fruit variety.Tree average winter hardiness, resistant to scab.Fruits of medium size.Coloration of greenish-yellow, with a bright red striped blush.The fruit pulp is very juicy, with a strong odor, sour-sweet taste.The term consumption of fruits - a month.

Medunitsa - summer grade.Fruits are not large, but very good honey-sweet taste.The fruits are yellow-green with red stripes, ploskookrugloy.Variety winter hardy, resistant to scab.

Cinnamon striped Mantet Lungwort

Mekintosh - winter variety, identified in Canada in 1796.Fruits are large enough, the color is whitish-yellow with a dark purple stripes.The flesh is juicy, perfect sweet-sour taste with spicy candy.The fruit can be stored until the end of February.Medium early appearance of fruit trees begin to bear fruit at the age of 6-7 years.Winter hardiness is average, resistance to scab weak.

Melba - sort of late summer.The fruit weight of 130 - 150 g, rounded-conical shape.Painting light green with a red striped blush.Taste very good, sweet and sour.Shelf life of 2 months.Central hardiness.

Moscow winter - winter variety, bred in Moscow State University.Lomonosov SI Isayev in 1963 The fruits are large, greenish-yellow color, the flesh of good taste with a light aroma.Apples can be stored until April.The variety is characterized by high winter hardiness, resistance to scab.

Mekintosh Melba Moscow winter

Oktyabrenok - winter variety.Fruits are medium-sized rounded conical, yellow, with dark red stripes.The taste of the fruit is good, sour-sweet.The tree begins to bear fruit in the 4 - 5 years.Winter hardiness is satisfactory.

People - sort of late summer.The fruits are round, golden-yellow color, medium size.Taste the fruits of a pleasant, sour-sweet, with a light fragrance.Apple is entering a period of fruiting at 4-5 years.It has good winter hardiness.

Moscow later - pozdnezimny grade, also launched at Moscow State University.Lomonosov SI Isayev in 1961 Major fruits golden yellow color, have a good sweet and sour taste.The fruit can be stored until the next harvest.The variety has good winter hardiness.

Memory Michurina - pozdnezimny grade.Fruits of medium size, bulb shape.Painting skin greenish-yellow or golden to bright red color casing.Apples have very good taste, are stored until January, but may be affected serdechkovoy rot.Trees have low hardiness, good resistance to scab.

Papirovka - common summer variety, similar to the White filling.Greenish-yellow fruits of medium size have a very good wine and a sweet taste.The fruits are stored for about two weeks.Winter hardiness and resistance to scab average.

Moscow later Memory Michurina Memory Michurina

Student - pozdnezimny variety bred in Moscow State University.MV Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1951. The fruit is large, greenish with raspberry blush, have a very good sweet and sour taste.Start fruiting accounts for a fifth year.Wood is characterized by high winter hardiness, resistance to scab.

Pepin saffron - one of the most popular in Russia winter varieties selection Michurin.Smaller fruits greenish yellow color with dark red blush have a good wine and a sweet taste with a spicy delicate aroma.Apples can be stored until February - March.Apple fruit in this class are starting for the fifth-seventh year.In the harsh winter tree can podmёrznut but well restored.

Spartan - winter early appearance of fruit variety of Canadian origin.Fruits are medium-sized, violet-red, can be stored until April.The fruits have a nice, sweet taste.As disadvantages varieties breeders were very low winter hardiness of the tree, the fruit melchanie age of the tree.

Welsy - winter variety of American origin.The fruits are small, napiform form, golden color with dark red stripes.The fruit pulp of good sweet-sour taste, has a delicate flavor, but the taste quality of the fruit depends on the weather conditions and the state of the tree.Sort srednezimostoyky, high resistance to scab.

Pepin saffron Spartan Welsy

Cellini - winter early appearance of fruit variety, fruiting begins on the third year.The fruits are large, can be stored until the end of January.Winter hardiness is satisfactory, variety is resistant to scab.The flesh of good wine and a sweet taste, fragrant.

Sharopay - old Russian winter variety.The fruits are large, but mediocre sour taste.This variety has a very high winter hardiness.Therefore widely used as a trunk or skeletoobrazovatelya for slightly hardier varieties