Russian bathhouse bathroom

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26 April 2016

more than a year he studied Kirilll forum "Home and cottage", enthusiastically reading the stories users.And now ripe to talk about their unusual construction.Unexpected was already the idea - to make the right bath in a small bathroom.

Results Validating did not fail to boast - he got more than he expected: guy get the glory.The heat supply of the furnace was so great that after reaching the desired temperature Cyril turned off and soared following her 3-4 hours without heating.Full room cooled off just after 9 hours.

Conversion bathroom

So, it was decided to build a bathhouse on the site of the bathroom, which nobody used.To wash Kirill planned to put the shower, but close - neither more nor less - Russian steam room where you could wave to her heart's content, and brooms, and sprinkle a little water on the hot stones, and, most importantly, do not bump into walls and corners.In general, that was where to turn for body and soul.By the way, Validating - a prominent man, and now his wife and a cou

ple of kids, so that was important every free square centimeter.

first preparatory works were: Kirilll poured screed, dokleival tiles on the floor, fasten board, Staley foil insulation, the bonding tape, etc.Linings of lime bought the cheapest, with a pronounced pattern of a tree - it looks almost like a real Canadian cedar.Facade walls conceived to make glass.Where was the shower, stuck glass blocks.From fake shelves assembled frame, tempered glass inserted "bronze", made out of the same door.


Grid for electric furnace Kirilll brewed yourself.

welded back wall, then painted black heat-resistant paint oven, made of golden patina.

heating elements - five pieces, and one in reserve (in case of some burn) - put kilowatt spent electricity.

All contacts which are crimped to the terminals, forumchanin propaival addition, the control unit zaludit all multicore cables.

furnace turned serious - about 40 kg, and somewhat larger than originally planned.Control unit - very convenient given the temperature and time of the session, the end of the working alarm beeps.To do this, it took: the control unit OWEN TRM501 - a kind of mini-computer, solid state relays 40 Amps, the cooler for cooling relay, temperature sensor.

not skimp on aluminum heat sink!Otherwise, the relay can poplavitsya!

Finishing and light therapy

The oven Kirilll sleep 6 boxes rocks (gabbro-diabase) in 20 kg pre-sorted.A little more forumchanin want to buy more slides.

light therapy Sauna LED full-color belt 5 m long, power supply and remote control unit cost Kirilllu 34.5 thousand. Rubles.The speed and brightness of LEDs are programmed sequence of spillovers from the panel.

When buying a console, keep in mind that there are infrared - it works only if you send it to the unit and RC.Including, turn off the light so you can, even from another room.The difference in price - about 300 rubles.

Additionally Kirilll bought additional thermostat with a timer.Shelves for the control unit and a pocket for the console made from the remains of the shelves.In the closed form on the cabinet - only button that turns on the light inside the riser.Button on the control unit includes a transformer blocks TPM and LED control, as well as a cooler cooling the solid-state relay.

LED Strip Kirilll for greater reliability placed in a transparent silicone hose and seal with silicone at both ends.I fastened with staples for metallogofry.Under the shelves put a temperature sensor to avoid being seen.

Install glass in the steam room was enough simple: Validating lime casing sawed in half lengthwise rounded shape inside punctured, put on the pads outside the window, and then zasilikonil.

to steam was not only convenient, but also aesthetically pleasing one wall Cyril overlaid stone.Because he did the same shelf.The seams coat with the usual mixture with the addition of harmless black dye.The stones are put Kirilll steam gun.On the wall hung on the chain aromolampu.She made myself from a marble mortar, store-bought, and pots, made in the technique of "cold forging".

all the trees of the pair Kirilll soaked in linseed oil 3-5 layers.

Stitches glass bricks covered with gold leaf.

One of the "highlights" of the bath became a pit in the floor.Once she brought a lot of inconvenience to guests.Starfish, seashells, sand, lights, glass - triplex (below - the usual, hardened "bronze" above) - and here's a marvelous picture of the floor of the "living" materials.

changed and ceiling.Normal, plasterboard, it gradually turned into a painted with a caisson and lighting.

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