Decorate a garden flowering shrubs

By Admin | Garden, Garden
12 May 2016

I so want to decorate it a novelty made in the study of the Forum, "the opening of the season," adding to his collection of new species of plant or new variety already available on the site of lilac, mock oranges, hydrangeas, or any other flowering shrubs.

One of the very first to its bright, "sunny" colors meets the approaching summer, "forsythia".It is for her optimistic, bright yellow blooms in more neprosnuvshemsya from winter sleep garden, gardeners love her so.

"Tree peonies" is also encouraging gardeners to its early flowering.Very beautiful plant!But with the features in farming techniques, secrets shared with you our forum users in the thread of the same name.

Russian classical decoration gardens was and remains the "Lilac".High and compact, grafted and non-grafted, lilacs on trunks, various types, varieties with simple and double flowers, gathered in the brush a variety of colors and shapes, the famous kolesnikovskie lilac - discussion of all these issues can be found on our forum.

Every year presents us a surprise "mock oranges (Jasmine Garden)," filling our gardens marvelous aroma, and some varieties, and an avalanche of white flowers.No wonder some varieties have the "frightening" name: "Schneesturm" (snowstorm, blizzard), "Avalanche", "blizzard", "air assault", etc.

What types and varieties to choose, to get as much as possible a long flowering.On the Diversity and letnetsvetuschih spiraea spring and you can learn from the theme "Spirea".

Several dozen species of this plant.But most of our growers are interested in tree, broom, big leaf, serrated.oakleaf, petiolate ... But that just is not interested in our gardeners.And, of course, you understand that we are talking about the true ornament of gardens - "Hydrangeas".Features of cultivation, care, pruning, cover with you on the pages of the forum will share our experienced users.

Trouble-free, flowering almost the whole summer season, grateful for any attention shown to her pleasing our abundant flowering and diverse - "Bloodroot".Take a look at this topic, learn more about this plant, and it will certainly thank you if you refill them your garden collection.

Someone thinks they are very capricious, and someone adjust to create the conditions for a sufficiently comfortable life these beauties in his garden.Perhaps the experience of our members of the forum will provide an opportunity, and you decorate your garden, "Weigel, Deutz, Kolkwitz."

beautiful garden needs good care.And our forum made sure to help you with this.In this section we will talk about the distribution of diseases and pests of our pets and how to fight them.

no worse frustration than not so long expected lilacs blooming in our gardens.Even more depressing death of the beautiful garden.The reasons can very different.Get answers to questions you will help topic "Lilac, disease."

Few plants to detect the disease, it is necessary to understand its causes.And then in the early diagnosis will help you the theme of "Identification of garden pests."

After determining the source of problems, do not forget to look at the topic "Preparations for the control of pests and plant diseases."The experience of our consultants and members of the forum section is sure to be useful to you.

Well, as every patient, we will need additional food to rejuvenate the plant.What is it and how to choose the right, you will learn from the theme of "fertilizer".