Chandelier of cartwheels

By Admin | The Hands
25 April 2016

Once in Russia, coaches and carts were the main means of transportation.Now look for the present wheel them to use as an element of a holiday decoration, it is not so simple.One option - to make a decorative wheel himself, as did participants in the forum "Home and cottage."The task is simplified by the fact that in this case it is not necessary to follow the ancient techniques, creating special equipment solid product, which must withstand many kilometers.

However, there is another way - to find a real wheel somewhere in the rural hinterland.In this case, the chandelier is truly unique!Already known to our readers forum member ottt was so lucky.Locals brought him well-preserved wagon wheel rim which are two half bent, rather than individual segments.The decision came at once - make a chandelier in the gazebo.


wire brush on the drill ottt gently clean the surface of the wheels from the mud and loose wood.Then mix linen varnish with turpentine and wood impregnated with the composition

in multiple layers.The rim-treated with a rust corrosion effect.


of the number of spokes (12) to calculate the number of luminaires forumchanin - 6 pieces (12 would be a bit much).It was purchased six rounds E14 type "Mignon" - they looked more refined than the full-length E27.There have also been purchased bulbs that mimic the candle flame.

The next step was to decide how to fix the lights.At the end of the cartridge was tapped hole M10.Through it have to go out and wires.Forumchanin thought of the following: a wheel drilled blind bore (15-20 mm) to exit wires (perpendicular diameter of 10 mm and an angle of 45 degrees, a diameter of 6 mm).

screwed into the cartridge "adapter", made of nylon dowels with a diameter of 10 mm.The holder is then clocked at anchor in its thread, thus forcing response grooves.It turned out the threaded connection.Because of the "stabilizers" like a rocket, he took the cartridge firmly prepared for him in the rim of the hole.

to "stabilizers" clung tightly to the body plugs, you must rotate in the same direction.

ottt wires stretched in oblique "bypass" channel and is connected in parallel cartridges.The lower part of the village in the dowels tight rim, and did not need to stick.

Decoration chandeliers

From purchased galvanized chain 5 mm short link owner decided to make black - antique.Melt the oven and bake chain, as it did on the eve of a prepared forged elements.

There was all the rings.They are required to attach the chain to the forged elements.All connections ottt perform normal tools without the welding machine.Rings made of steel (better - rusty) wire rods used for which the diameter of 4-6 mm.His column rewind on the fence, straightened, then loosely wound on a round frame with a diameter of 12-15 mm (piece of ski poles).Then wire grinder sliced ​​rings.

disc should be conducted not perpendicular, and slug at an angle to the rod.

Meanwhile, the chain slowly cooled down to coals.For a complete cooling ottt pulled her on a fireproof surface, he waited until it became warm, and treated with a rust.Forged items forumchanin is attached to the wheel with a drill, drill 3.5 mm, 3.5 x 32 screws and screwdriver.Self then painted over with black matte paint.

measure out the necessary chain segments, the last link cut grinder with thin cutting discs.After heat treatment, the chain became pliable like clay.Screwdriver ottt easily spread to the ends of the sides and pull the right cut, then again flattened links.

last units started in cooking rings, joined with forged elements.It took effort, as the rings untreated fire and springs.Unattractive seams were hidden inside the curls.

finally ready chandelier had to take its place.Suspension with cable stretched inside 8 mm with a loop at the end ottt started in the hole in the pipe and "pierced" pin.Connection disguised twine.Chandelier can be easily removed, but the installation needs an assistant.

materials and cost

  • wheel - $ 10;
  • lamp "candles" - 6 pieces for $ 2.5;
  • lamp "balls" - 6 pieces for $ 0.9;
  • cartridges E14 - 6 pieces for $ 0.6;
  • forged elements in the form of the letter "C" - 9 pieces of $ 1.1;
  • forged elements in the form of the letter «S» - 6 pieces for $ 2.1;
  • chain 5 mm - 6 m for $ 3;
  • curly pipe (suspension) - $ 9.2 (initially - smooth, then made a dent hammer);
  • screws 3,5h32 - 15 pieces;
  • wire - free.

Total chandelier cartwheels cost about $ 90 and was done for three nights.

on materials forum participant "Home and Cottage" ottt