Fitobochki - healing mikrobanya own hands

By Admin | The Hands
25 April 2016

Sweet couple with herbs and essential oils fills the room and rushes out of the door gaps, makes you forget about the daily problems that invites to relax.Is resist such temptation?Of course not!And why, if the structure, which will fill you with energy and will give health, is at once - at your house?So climb into the wooden font, a sheet wrapped neck ... and plunge into relaxation!And the output, like Ivan from milk - thinner, rejuvenated, with good mood!And - most for the warm tea until your half rubbing problem areas fitomaslami.

Interested?Still would!After all, this pair can be put in any room.It warms up faster than a traditional sauna.At the same time - no negative effects on the wallpaper or ceiling.And about an improved atmosphere in the room, do not forget!

Kholmoff plucked determined to arrange a bathhouse right at home.To pair has no place, an infrared cabin was not fancy, and can not afford, sauna-bag also not particularly inspired idea ... forumchanin stopped at fitobochki.He decided th

at a wooden structure in the form of a vertical cylinder fits easily anywhere in the apartment.And on the balcony or in the bathroom it - is the place!

see some options on the market, kholmoff understood that the design of this - is not cheap.Price - from 28 to 100 thousand rubles.Why (he reasoned) to give the money for the usual a tub?Do not be - he asked himself - make something like this yourself?Validating never worked with wood, but decided that with a simple design to cope.

First kholmoff learned working principle fitobochki.At the bottom of the construction was to arrange the steam manifold, above - to make lattice leg on the wall - height-adjustable bench.Attach a removable lid on top, hang the front door - like a big deal.

To simplify your task Validating decided to do "training" Boys Do not cylindrical in shape, and in the form box.For the experiment kholmoff I chose the budget tree - a pine tree.If you succeed, the next will fitobochka cedar and with a beautiful design.

Did the wall, attach the cover and flap.Grid under the feet of the bench and made the boards of 21x120.When assembling all the parts in the joints with excess missed colorless silicone sealant.Excess curable composition circumcised.If the wood will swell and dry (to expand, shrink) sealant to its flexibility compensates for changes in size.Thus, the construction will be vapor tight.

Steam kholmoff made of a plastic tank of 10 liters.Crashed into a 1.9 kW heating element remaining from the Italian washing machine, hooked up the hose.Through him, the steam will come in fitoboks.The thermostat will allow to monitor the temperature in fitobochki.

forumchanin steam manifold made of loopback composition pipe 1/2 inch.Above and on the inside it, with a certain step, the holes were made of 3 mm diameter.For three condensate drain holes of the same diameter made kholmoff below.

Later healing fitobochka forumchanin has undergone several transformations.Kholmoff tried to warm her oil heater 600 watts.To expedite the process, to put a kettle.The effect of mikrobani forumchanin felt immediately.However, his experiments did not stop.In particular, I bought a simple capillary thermostat, put in a tub with a standard bucket Tan, connected through a regulator, exhibited the desired temperature and then tried to bathe.The crowned all these innovations and which ones were the most useful - read in continuation of the theme on the forum.

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