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12 May 2016

one who kept pigs, know that their breast - not a sight for the faint of heart.Hungry animals so the morning rush to the fence, that, that and look, demolish it and swallow the owner himself.They pushed wrenching contents feeders and mixed with mud.They eat a lot and a lot of stain.So breeding pigs - consuming activity.No coincidence that many owners prefer to grow sheep, rabbits and other more easy to care for and beast.

Increasingly, however, in domestic farms began to appear "foreign" and is said to friends, the more "cultural", less demanding, and most importantly - profitable animals: pigs herbivores vislobryuhie.Their color - white, black or mramornopestry.

These animals are also known as Vietnamese or Korean pigs.Some believe that it is - two different breeds: the first - a small, straight stigmas and narrow eyes, the second - with a wrinkled muzzle.However, most sources claim that it is only the different names of the same breed, and the second name - erroneous.


Argument 1. herbivores vislobryuhaya pig has quite a lot of weight - between 50 and 100 kg.Meat yield - 80-90%.Validating note that deli meats of these animals - more juicy and tasty than ordinary pigs, which, moreover, the yield meat - only 70-75%.The layer of fat at the "Asians" - only about 2 cm, and the rest - tender meat and bacon.It is worth it is not cheap.

According to some reports, the meat of these animals does not contain cholesterol and removes it from the human body.

argument 2. For just "flip-flops" eat not much - about 1-1.5 kg of feed.They are fed twice a day.For comparison, conventional swine feed given three or four times a day, and it consumes an average of 10-15 kg.In addition, the Asian pigs - herbivores.During the warmer months (in some regions this spring, summer and fall), they can graze on grass stand.For him, you pay nothing.

Argument 3. vislobryuhie Vietnamese pigs - animals fertile.They reach sexual maturity in 3-4 months.With this age they can fertilize.Gestation lasts about 114 days.In the first litter of piglets you get 5-10 in the next - 10-20.Recorded record - 26 piglets.The young animal can be bought on average for 3000 rubles.So that the money invested in pigs will be repaid several times over the first litter.All subsequent farrowing will give you a net profit.

If that does not impress you, then - Argument 4. Herbivores pigs - animals are smart and tidy.It is no accident they are kept as pets."Flip Flops", even if the scatter food, then pick up the whole.Another advantage of them is that they - with a calm disposition."Asians" do not bite, do not dig turf, do not break the cages and defecate in the same place.

Finally, the argument 5: in Vietnamese pigs - good health.With proper care, they rarely get sick.Living, as a rule, to 30 years.More sows - caring mother, so the piglets to grow easily, they rarely die.

According to members of the forum, it is most advantageous to keep the sows for breeding pigs.

Features care

Asian herbivores pig without problems suffer domestic winter.The only requirement - the need to avoid drafts, the room should be warm and dry.Because these animals - compact, they can be kept for several pieces in one machine.

Ā«Flops" like fresh air in the warm time of their daily graze at the rate of one hundred square meters per animal.If there is no pasture, pigs fed any grass, root crops, grain (and it does not need zaparivat like for ordinary pigs), concentrated fodder.

overfeed "Asian women" can not be: it adversely affects the quality of meat and animal reproductive function.

should know about the features of the structure and the work of the digestive organs of pigs.They have a smaller volume of the stomach, thin intestine.The feed passes through the digestive tract quickly.Therefore, Vietnamese pigs poorly digested roughage.Especially this concerns food with high fiber foods: wheat bran, straw, fodder beet, coarse hay.But the young hay legumes (clover, alfalfa) "Asian" would only benefit.

digestion pigs herbivores saliva plays an important role: it is produced in large quantities by the salivary glands.So feed the "flip flops" need dense food: the smaller the liquid, the more carefully to chew and therefore better absorbed by the food.Crops is desirable to pre-grind: bad pigs chew a whole grain, but because most of it is not digested and excreted in the feces.

In RuNet pot-bellied pig is sometimes referred to as "barbecue".It is not right.Hungarian "mangalica" - a breed with a thick woolly Curly scalp and deli meats.These animals are easy to maintenance, do not require vaccinations and warm room, so, too, deserve the attention of farmers.

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