House for wells

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25 April 2016

The forum presented a large number nadkolodeznyh facilities.They differ not only in the cost of production and use of materials and their original forms.

design methods well

easiest option - the construction of a house with a gable roof.The drum is located inside the gates, the handle - outside, on one of the ramps satisfied with swing doors.Concrete ring construction is faced with brick, stone or decorative log cabin is closed.

more aesthetically pleasing way to design a second tip is also called "Roman".On top of the ring by two horizontal wells close hinged lids.Gates and gable roof put over the well on strong wooden poles.The roof is covered with leather or soft tile, copper sheet, wooden shingles or roofing iron.To rain and melt water does not leak into the well in the end walls of buildings door should fit snugly together.

According seasoned "KolodeznikovĀ» Ladomir, for the Russian climate is more suitable way to design the first well.

Requirements for construction

Those who caught fire in the country to build a house for the well, Ladomir gives some tips.First of all, such a structure must reliably protect the well from the rain and melt water, to prevent clogging of its leaves, insects and dust.At the same time well in a "clothes" should "breathe."The construction must have a device for lifting the bucket and well cover himself well, and the area in front of him.Among other requirements: comfortable use throughout the year, durability without any maintenance costs and design appeal.

examples and description of the work

summer resident aib construction consists of these elements: an octagonal base, round hatch for the bucket, the mechanism for the gate at the bearings.House roof covered with a soft, decorative, wrought-iron handle set.We used the birch three times impregnated with an antiseptic.Below are the plastic feet in height of 3 cm. House set on paving slabs.

After a year of operation forumchanin noted shortcomings such facilities:

  • rassohlis board table (formed gap to 5 mm);
  • under the legs slipped by 2 cm Pavement;
  • when lifting bucket gates for something clings;
  • need to upgrade the brush cover (three layer applied spray gun, did not survive);
  • need to strengthen the cover - tonkovat rake.

Wooden cottage is best done in oak, it is also suitable alder, larch, elm, pine.As a rule, other wood species are short-lived, and some can cause the water a bitter taste and unpleasant smell.Any material for the construction should be straight and nesuhostoynym not contain mold and wormholes.

Galina tells technologies attaching a stone to the ring well.Mix the cement grade 500 with sifted sand and water at a ratio of 1: 3: 1 (it has one part - a capacity of 500 grams), add 150 g of PVA glue.In this mixture stick natural flat stones previously soaked in water.The surface of the ring as well, moisten with water.Remove excess solution with a wet cloth.

Alex EMG has built over the well stone mill with a floor made of larch, half of which is opened.Above the door are fixed blades.

trimmed with stone and ring Karapuz.Material stuck to the substrate in such a composition: 1 bag (25 kg), tile adhesives and stone mixed with 1 bag of dry mix M300 (50 kg) and add 10 kg of cement M500.The solution is inflicted on the ring, it laid the stones, obscuring the seams and just rubbing stones.On the ring of 80 cm used 4 kg of the river and about 2 m pink stone.

Castle and the well should be given to settle.The following year, after shrinkage of soil, can be concreted section, combining with the tile.

Kate and her husband Allen set a new framework to replace the old nadkolodeznogo house.We used glulam section 150h100 mm.Bruce stabbed in the corners "on a mustache" inside corners sealed steel corners, joints outside the closed slats.We put the door.Roof battens made of lining, covered with a soft tiles.Vane-cock gave the lodge a finished appearance.

Tradesman building built in the style teahouse.Width of construction - 50 cm.

House-mill new posts irusya8 made in two levels.At the top of the generator is located, as in a cottage there are glitches with electricity, from the bottom - hole.

add-on for the well Steelman bought two boards 150h50 and 6 m long, four packaging lining, packing shingles, corners, screws, two bars 50x50, two loops, the metal plates 10 40h120.

did the foundation, bottom sealed metal plates inside the struts strengthened.To be able to put a bucket secured an additional board.Then assembled frame, all trimmed jigsaw.Make a hole under the tree and under it - Zachodni.Under holes jigsaw performed propyl and hammer drove it to bend the metal plate.Thus, the gate lay on two plates rather than wood, and therefore rotates well and creaks.

superstructure placed on the well, all sewed lining.I cover the tile directly on it and propylene door.Secure the handle corners and hung hinges onto the screws (they are fixed profiled).On the roof is planned to put the visor on the door - the bar, so that rain water does not leak into the well.At the bottom of the well, and the owner will close the clapboard pull together two metal strips.

Senin as nadkolodeznogo house designed outdoor sink.The frame of the small architectural form is made up of remnants of the beams, paneling, beams, metal and fastened with screws.Outside the frame is sheathed blockhouse 13 cm. To speed up and facilitate the operation and use of the jigsaw screwdriver.The shell is made in three days.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"