When the sun goes down

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21 May 2016

worth the sun disappear behind the nearest forest, and a garden filled with znobyaschy wet fog, night chirping insects and deep shadows, ready is about to turn into an impenetrable darkness ... It is good that there is electricity in the world!

If, during an evening stroll through the garden you have not met a single pi lighting device, then most likely, you wandered into the woods.Without the artificial light in the area is necessary.It aims to:
- fight darkness
- protect
- to create a certain mood, and the garden, making it even more beautiful.

However, the majority of owners of garden plots stopped in the first paragraph, ascetic limited functional lighting.In order to illuminate the passage / entrance to the house, garage and paved the section of track used erect lights.

lantern as it is

Since the first gas lamps, which appeared in the nineteenth century, its design has undergone little change.Base, mast and overhead lights - these are the three components of every lantern, from the rom

antic "Pushkin" to the shimmering column in the style of "high tech".

main difference lights - not in uniform and not in style, but in the fact that one light source is located above the level of the human eye, while others - lower (at a height of 10-70 cm) (Fig. 1).

Lanterns first group often dazzle the traveler, he is completely in the light spot, which they throw on the ground.These lights do not give the opportunity to see the surrounding landscape - the only one site that they are directly illuminated.Actually, in the atom and it is their task.

Lanterns second group not dazzle.They have shed light only on the track.And you, being on the spot light, as many can admire the surrounding landscape.Most of these lights from top to close the reflective surface - umbrellas, caps, etc.

was dark?

lights in private areas are normally provided with an automatic - motion sensors (included with your approach), twilight sensor (included with the onset of darkness), timers (included at the right time).But the most simple and reliability is good old switch that is manually operated.

Inner Light

Sometimes, the light source is not something that is below your eyes, and just under your feet.But in this case it ceases to be a lantern and belongs to another large group of lamps - Embedded.They can be installed in the road surface, stones, decorative compositions, soil, turf, retaining walls, stairs - anywhere.

lamps embedded in the road, do not cover it, and only show the direction.Stopping them a choice, do not forget about the peculiarities of his native climate in winter your flashlights will be under a layer of snow.

Illuminated from inside the lawn looks very effectively - but only in pictures in the catalog.In reality, decide to install fixtures in the lawn can only be the owner of an ideal green meadow.After lighting make clear all the errors and shortcomings of the grass cover.Are you ready for this?

to illuminate the stairs, it is not necessary to embed fixtures in the steps themselves.Their place - riser.

In the spotlight

«went to work - dark, come - even darker.And why it was necessary to spend so much effort yl creation of the garden, if I do not see it! "To these gloomy thoughts seldom visited caseloads dachevladeltsev, you need to give them the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor at any time.It will help the PA landscape lights.Of course, it is not out of place to be for those who rarely leave the confines of their possessions.Highlighting diversifies garden, it creates a certain mood, enhances the beauty of its individual elements.

for decorative lighting are mainly used spotlights.Unfortunately, this category of lamps is still not commonly used, and this landscape design.But they have limitless possibilities.Highlight with the help of spotlights can be anything: trees, shrubs, flowers, sculptures, pavilions, fountains ...

We look at that?

on a tree trunk. Spotlight is at the very roots.This way you can highlight, for example, growing in the area with beautiful pine bark, multi-stemmed tree or buketnye landing.

at the crown or individual branches .Spotlight is located a few meters away from the trunk Derain.One can make the backlight front (Fig. 2) or circular (Fig. 3), placing the light sources, respectively, with one hand or with several.This option is good for eating with dense foliage, lime, a spreading oak.Miraculously - and both winter and summer - look birch like glowing from within.

on a fragment of the crown. Spotlights highlights particularly interesting parts of the crown, are located within herself.This method is suitable for any large and beautiful tree.It looks very interesting.The main problem -Fixed how to decorate a wire stretching along the trunk.

a shadow. Spotlight arranged to cast a tree on a vertical surface (wall, fence) is the most interesting shadows.In this case, no need to worry about how effectively will look like the tree itself.Important Only his shadow.

On gazebo, sculpture and other forms of small architecture.Highlighting rules apply to small trees and various forms of decorative elements of the garden.Here the decisive factor - the distance between the projector and the object.All structures can be illuminated from one side, it is possible - with few.

at home .The city lights of facades of buildings is very common.The owners of private houses dare take such a step rarely, so we will not dwell in detail on this.However, in terms of highlighting the facade of the house is not much different from the retaining wall or fence.

on retaining wall. traditional lamp, usually spherical, put on top of the retaining wall.So he is able to fill a large area with light as possible (Fig. 4).But the wall itself remains in the shadows - and literally.But these facilities are often worthy of attention, have an interesting color, texture, lined with beautiful pictures.If you place the spotlight at the bottom, it will light the very wall, and she will share reflected sing with the surrounding landscape.

Let modesty decorates everyday

Often, owners of large areas of highlight shy LUT luxurious trees, believing that it will look defiant.We will not argue.But only on weekdays.In the garden there are several competent host backlight modes: Time, output, and finally the feast.When the expected guests, you can afford to turn the spotlight next to his beloved pine, make a crown of oak blaze electricity, decorate with lights or tubes on the main avenue of limes

only by eye

frequency "landing" in the city of lights is determined special project organization.In his garden, the lord - you therefore free to do whatever you want.The only criterion - personal taste.To imagine the future about garden lighting, exit in the dark August night with a flashlight and estimate whether you want to have on its territory full of light "Broadway" or only a few spots of light.

All questions of landscape lighting can only be solved by experiment.By purchasing the spotlight - the easiest, or more expensive, adjustable illumination area - place it in different places, change the direction of the beam, lighting mode and see what happens.Trial and error, and this case fits most.

Glowing watchman

Light can not only prick the way and decorate, but also to protect.Security for all you can pour a portion of the light, and feel like an athlete in the stadium.You can arrange fixtures on the perimeter to see the border area, ie, fence.You can position the lights on the pillars at the entrance to the territory.

does not get - would kill!

Finally, the most important thing.However, I hope that it is clear and without unnecessary reminders.For the installation of conventional lighting, 220 V, requires a professional, having access to this kind of work.Independently, you can only experiment with amateur, low-voltage lighting (12).It is easy to install, simply to assemble without the aid of special equipment, and most importantly - it is absolutely safe.Even if you accidentally cut into two spade cable laid under the turf, the tragedy will not happen.


planning lighting paths and tree lighting, make sure that they are included separately, independently of each other.

According to the magazine "The Gardener"