Fresh ideas for Christmas gifts and decorations

By Admin | The Hands
24 April 2016

Everyone wants to meet the New Year in a new way: with more dishes to try, in the newly purchased clothes, fresh and original decorated house.Surely, our readers have accumulated a lot of Christmas toys.And certainly among them, there are crafts made by hand.After all, as it is fascinating - the eve of the grand celebration tinkering something colorful and unusual: and his joy, kiddies - employment, and if New Year is getting closer!We have already talked about the pre-holiday inventions members of the forum.Here new ideas!

Where do we start?Of course, with a Christmas tree!Christmas tree can be made from a conventional lamp ....Obveyte its fir branches, dress up toys or color, add a garland.It will turn bright and unusual!

next crafts do not advise to do in advance - it is unlikely to survive before the holidays.But if you're thinking, what would that kind please rebyatnyu - this idea can be very useful.What do you need?Chupa Chups or cardboard cone as a basis, double sided tape, tinsel and candy.

Get something like this:

In pair to it, you can make another edible Christmas tree.How to decorate a holiday table, has prompted a generous Internet.Cut the bottom of the bullseye, stuck in a wooden skewers on a carrot stick it, and in it - a lot of toothpicks.Phew!Now the best of all - decorate the Christmas tree than the stomach wish: berries, grapes, fruit.For an adult, you can build a table "adult" tree.Well, in a sense, on skewers strung more serious snack: slices of sausage, cucumber or lemon slices of cheese.

Oh, already drools!It is better to turn to the spiritual - to the art.Even if the snow outside the window until you see it does not mean that winter has not come.Make winter - interior!For example, hang a picture with the snowy landscape.You do not know how to draw?No problem!For you to "draw" the materials at hand.So, buy a frame assembly foam and acrylic paint, pick up twigs, bark, cones, etc.A little imagination - and amazing masterpiece is ready!

You probably already know that in this New Year can not do without horses.Here's a (white ribbons, fabric, cardboard?) Made a craftswoman from the forum:

But these, I confess, pulled from the Land Masters (of something - paper and string, and how interesting!):

way, the horse is better to do the blue and made of wood - these are the horses, on the Chinese calendar, priskachut us a Happy New Year.

toys in felting technique and souvenirs - Tilda boasted Weaver-new posts.Admiring, learn, do!Materials: wool, beads for balls, Filz (soft tissue such as felt) - for Santa.

Slozhnovato?Then, very very simple solution - snegovichki of socks and buttons and balls of crumpled into a ball package entwined threads.

But with Christmas decorations from blown light bulbs and the holder of the Kinder already have to tinker:

Finally topic - a master class on creating exclusive Christmas tree decorations from smoocky.No new posts tells how to turn ordinary-looking plastic blank in the "heavenly spheres".To the workpiece it easier to work, stuck in her wooden leg (for it will keep the ball in the course of its processing).

first step - to sand the workpiece.In this lesson, you will spend about 10 minutes.The second stage - degreasing.For this fit everything that does not dissolve the plastic.Try alcohol, benzene, acetone or mineral spirits.For better adhesion to the following layers of the ball carefully, without gaps, covered by two layers of coats and ship dry.

dried out?Getting to the painting, for example, acrylics and sequins.Better to choose light colors - they are easier to correct or darken.Then glue decoupage card (special image for decoupage) and gubochnym swab dipped in paint to put the first layer of a painting.We play a bit with a color palette, add brush strokes of different colors and varnish in three layers.Apply second after the previous dries (about an hour), the latter - after four hours.Before you dip the ball in the paint, sanded it.

Equally important stage - the creation of cracks.For this we use a two-lacquer cracelures.Then a few more times apply varnish again the skins again and varnished skins.A few layers of lacquer, and the ball can be allowed to dry completely.

consuming and not fast work takes you a lot of time.No wonder if, after all the fairies and gnomes plot will seem alive.The next step - decoration and antique lace.To make old cloth, brew strong coffee and soak in it the lace.Then dry and somewhere zamoyte.At the end of the old Crown ball bow, decorate with gold braid and colored ribbons.

If you patiently and successfully go through all the processes of creating the next masterpiece, you certainly feel happy.And is not that we are waiting for the New Year?

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