Conifers in our garden and care for them

By Admin | Garden, Garden
11 May 2016

Well, if you put at least a little effort to make the garden cozy and well-kept, the conifers are able to turn it into a real diamond decorating its zedenyu garden throughout the year.

sure to check out the theme "Conifers (not to be confused with conifers)," if you make only the first steps to ensure that filling your garden these noble representatives of the kingdom of Flora, and you do not have sufficient experience for their boarding andgrowing.In this vast, consisting of 3 parts of the subject, you can find answers to many questions on agricultural conifers.

gave you or you have purchased the new coniferous plant unknown varieties or even species.Did you have any doubts acquired earlier grade spruce, pine, juniper, arborvitae ... In this case, the theme of "Identification of conifers" will learn the true "name" of your pet.

One of the most common coniferous plants in the areas of our gardeners were and are spruce and pine.A huge variety of species and varieties of the pine family, features

of cultivation and care, dedicated to topics in the forum: " Spruce and its species", " Pine. Breeds and varieties "

Along with pineand spruce, juniper fairly frequent inhabitant of gardens of our summer residents and residents who chose life in the country.Previously, he dug in the woods and was transferred to the gardens, now there the variety of species and varieties in garden centers.About them, breeding them and discuss the topic "Juniper".

Recently, with the advent of a large variety of different size, shape and color of the crown, began to gain enormous popularity of "Tui".Tui can not only beautify your garden, but also serve as a "building" material for the creation of an impassable barrier.What did you learn from the theme "hedge of arborvitae."

not the most common inhabitants of our sites, but no less interesting, and able to decorate our gardens - a "Abies Koreana" and "Cedars of the areas."They are devoted to topics of the same name, in which you can get acquainted with the cultural practices of these plants and ask questions of experienced forum users on growing and caring for them.

Beautiful garden - is, above all, healthy and well-maintained plants in it.This issue and devote the third block of our newsletter.

"Diseases and pests coniferous" and "How to protect from sun damage coniferous" - topics that will be able to greatly simplify our forum users search for a way out, when their pets in the garden begin to dramatically lose its appeal, his whole appearance indicating that they needhuman help.

How hard conifers suffer transplant?What to do to save the plant, if the transplant is so important?What time of year is best to make a transplant?All these questions will be answered, our consultants and experienced users in on "Transplantation of conifers."

pine and spruce as a fluffy ball of small size, is it real?Of course!How to give a neat appearance of conifers and to achieve the necessary forms the crown?How to restrain the growth of conifers?Learn about this topic "Pinching and pruning conifers."