Early purchase of ornamental plants

By Admin | Garden, Garden
11 May 2016

To help you not to succumb to hype and do not buy as much as possible before or ornamental fruit plants, we want to introduce you to the guide to the nursery, where you can buy plants at a later date, when the time of their planting in open ground.
Our users will help you make a choice among firms and nurseries, your review in the relevant subject.

St. Petersburg residents can also get acquainted with reviews of the nurseries in the city and its surroundings.

If you do not resist and bought well before planting the plants you are interested, both the theme "Buy" roots "in the January-March (save bought)" is just what you need.

greatest passion for haphazard and early buying plants susceptible novice gardeners.
To help you decide how to use the available free area of ​​the plot, as well as how to correctly allocate the material and physical strength for the purchase and planting of plants, we recommend you read the fascinating topic of the experience of development of our forum users area " beginner gardeners dedicated "and " Garden novice grower ".

If you read the topics you liked any of the plants, but you are not familiar with their cultural practices, then before you buy, read the stuff about pleasing the plant on our forum.In search of the necessary topics will help you "Guide section flower garden."

gardening hobby is not cheap.To save money, you can take part in collective bulk purchasing, which organize our forum users.

If your place of residence is not possible to acquire the necessary planting stock, we recommend you get acquainted with the topic of "Order of plants and seeds over the Internet (you can you trust?)."

For those who are not chasing acquisition of certain varieties of plants, for whom any child is absolutely valuable flora or limited opportunities for its purchase, will be in great demand forum section "Exchange of plants, seedlings."