Unusual Christmas ornaments for the garden

By Admin | The Hands
24 April 2016

most important decoration of suburban area - it's a real, large, fragrant Christmas tree decked with homemade and old toys, unusual bagatelles.That distinguishes it from other New Year celebrations.However, there are many other ways to make your garden special and truly winter.What - tell in this article.

unique street decorations for the New Year to help you make the kids ... and cold!Moreover, rebyatnya surely take up the matter with joy and enthusiasm.The secret is simple - what child does not like to mess around with the ice?Because of him, we will be tinkering candles, decorative balls and garlands.

To make ice balls, use conventional balloons.Pour the colored water therein (e.g., food dyes).This is best done in the street, that the ball does not burst.When the water will freeze, pour over the ball with warm water and remove it from the icicles.Several colorful balloons along the garden paths - and that's incredibly transformed the landscape!

Bay water in the box, laid by cellophane and fille

d with various objects (toys, fish, flowers) you will get no less interesting ice sculptures.To the items did not fall to the bottom, hang them on the fine white threads or fishing line.

Ice candlesticks do so.The cut plastic bottle, pour the water.The plastic cups pour sand or pebbles, dip them in a bottle.Place the inside (distributed around the cup) decor - twigs, shells, pebbles, grains, berries, etc.Subject to freeze up in the morning.To a glass easier to take out, pour into it a little warm water.If the bottle does not want to appear, and it poured.We put in an ice candlestick real candles, lights and admire!Similarly, using the skeet or saucers and forms for baking, you can make ice garlands and toys.Hang them for loops of thread, dipped to freezing water.

Snow and ice - it is certainly good, but during the cold season so want to heat!And so the way will "warm" decoration of fluffy fabric.For example, Felt colorful balloons placed in a small basket or empty pots.Or here's a cute penguin fleece or felt.Sew it out of the soft tissue - a pleasure, and a lot of the time it does not take, especially if the work of the pattern.To figure could not only hang, but also put on the wrong side of the wrap angles, as shown in the figure, then turn out and sew a small hole.Toy can tint using acrylic paint in a tube or embroidered.

Snow Maiden, snowmen and castles - great fun and garden decor.Here are just a whimsical winter happens!To unexpected warming is not reflected in the beauty of your garden, make a snowman neta!That is the decision to decorate the winter garden offers new posts KrutoKrysa.Together with their children, she made a heat resistant and sports Snegoboya.Cute little boy on skis can move freely around the area, illuminating his swarm of sunbeams.You will need three ceramic bowl, pieces of mirror and mosaic tile adhesive to the eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips.

Weave Christmas wreaths made of fir branches - fun.However, you can make them, and sprigs of hardwood, they wound wire rod wrapped in foam rubber or synthetic padding.This wreath is almost needs no adornment.Complement it with cones, leaves, or a couple of toys - and enough!

very easy but spectacular artifact, which can be decorated with trees and porch - balls out of toothpicks.The foam balls, insert a lot of toothpicks, coat spray paint, sprinkle with sequins or artificial snow.

symbol of the new 2014 - wooden horse - you can make out of twigs, bark and other "grazing" materials.Such garden sculptures will delight you all year.

And if crafts like works of artist Heather Dzhanshiev or sculptor Deborah Butterfield, you can not handle, then such a simple charming horse surely overpower.All you need: the birch sticks in, nails or screws, and thin birch twigs for the mane and tail.And beautiful, and kiddies fun!