How to win slugs?

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11 May 2016

the afternoon when the sun was hot, the inexperienced cottager even suspect that in a secluded place, where there is always wet and cool: a wood, piles of garbage, a rusty bucket that many days worth of the area, hidden enemy of gardeners -snails and slugs.As soon as it gets dark or when will the rain, they crawl to hunt and eat everything that comes in its path.From fruit and vegetable crops and even ornamental plants are some roots.

Before beginning the destruction of gastropods, should remember that they play a positive role in the life of the garden: snails and slugs - a "sanitation", processing the dead parts of plants.Therefore, experienced gardeners tend to use soft methods of dealing with these garden pests using chemicals (eg, metaldehyde pellets) a point and in extreme cases.In addition, it should be noted that not all slugs harm horticultural crops: Focus your attention on the field, and spotted mesh.

Proper gardening

Any problem is better to prevent than to deal with its consequence

s.Prevention of and breeding of snails and slugs are such works as mulching, timely weed control, harvesting the leaves, twigs and other debris, proper selection of plants a garter of cucumbers and tomatoes, attracting birds and other enemies of the gastropods: hedgehogs, fireflies, frogs, toads.Validating note that the past - unpretentious they may even live in a small pond of baby bath, leaving his home for many years.The only condition - not to disturb them.

can also resort to the help of microorganisms.Parasitic nematodes Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodit the biological killer snails.This method is used from spring to fall when the soil temperature is not lower than + 5 ° C, mainly in wet weather.The tool is harmless to humans and animals and is easy to use: micro-organisms is diluted with water, which is poured plantations.Slugs are killed and one watering protects plants for six weeks.


When the site will be removed from all kinds of shelter slugs provide its replacement - the trap of wet rags and planks, pieces of slate, tablecloths, etc.You just have to wait until the pests zapolzut there, and then turn the traps and collect all those who hid there.

As an option - lay on the dome-shaped portion of the peel of grapefruit halves with a small hole (watermelon rinds, cabbage leaves): gastropods climb to the tasty bait, and in the morning you will find them there.The same method can be used as a diversion.Leaves favorite slugs cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.attract pests, and they will not climb on plants.

Member Forum Just Father proposes to make a trap from a plastic bottle.Pour it to smell a couple of tablespoons of beer, which is like slugs, and put in places where snails and slugs to wait overnight.One of the advantages - free material, simple design and reusable.Emptying the contents of bottles cottager recommends compost heaps.

Do not put live snails in cold kompostary they will lay eggs.Collected pests previously put in warm salt water.

physical barriers

Taurus clams is very sensitive, any sharp objects lethal to snails and slugs.Gravel, crushed seashells, chestnuts or eggshell, special granulates to combat slugs deprive pests to move around.

for plant protection can use plastic rims or caps, film cover.Gardeners also offer to test the adhesive tape or copper wire - of this material gastropods get an electric shock, so do not want to cross this barrier.

How else Gameday struggle with slugs:

  • regular hoeing, sprinkling the bushes around the plants or their leaves after watering the ashes;
  • watering with salt water;
  • proryhlit and clean soil, and then shut down, for example, cabbage lutrasilom;
  • soak for a day 1 kg of tobacco 10 liters of waste water, stir with green soap, strain and spray the plants;
  • leaves sprinkle with gel spray for tack and then sprinkle them with black pepper;
  • evening from a watering can to water the plants with a solution of ammonia (4 tbsp. L. In a bucket of water);means harmless to plants;
  • irrigate crops tincture delphinium (a pound of chopped leaves and infuse it in a bucket of warm water for two days), mustard (100 g per bucket of water), hot pepper (1 kg 0.5 kg of fresh or dried pods to fill a bucket of water, insist 23 days, boil, and insist another 2 days);
  • decomposed between rows of nettle.

MARITA offers to try such remedies:

  • planted among flowers plants smell and taste are not like insects and slugs: garlic, onions, marigolds, rosemary, thyme, plantain, lavender,
  • watering 0.01% coffee solution: dilute a double dose of instant coffee in a cup of water.

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