Modest decoration summer garden

By Admin | Garden, Garden
10 May 2016

spring, they give us the delicate flowers that resemble the flowers forget-me.No wonder the second name of this plant "Nezabudochnik."In the summer, they hit our gardens luxury decorative foliage.Brunner - can become an ornament of any garden, especially if there for her exists a shady corner.

Ligularia decorative throughout the growing season.First, delighting us with their spectacular foliage.Then, letting the bright yellow blossoms.These plants enrich the collection of anyone, even a small area, which is not too much sun beds.

delicate flowers and bright green is not only the dignity of Tradescantia.Continuous bloom throughout the season, shade tolerance and hassle-free cultivation - is not a reason to find a place in your garden Tradescantia.

Traditionally, this plant many gardeners feel a great tenderness, his happy growing in their gardens.This is not surprising, because Bell has one of the most beautiful flowers, while simple enough to grow.

Spectacular and unpretentious.Abundantly flow

ering and long enough, good and fast growing.Even the loss of decorative after flowering could not erase all of the above advantages delphiniums.

digitalis - a very beautiful and powerful plant with large flowers up to 5 cm in the form of bells.With good care, can delight gardeners prolonged flowering throughout the summer.

abundance of shades of yellow, red to brown, varied combination of one flower could not attract gardeners rudbeckia.Echinacea flowers affect many, not only a variety of shades, and shapes.About varieties and farming techniques of these plants, you can learn from the theme "Rudbeckia, Echinacea"

When people talk about garden daisies, experienced gardeners know that we are most likely talking about daisy.Leucanthemum can change the shape of petals and leaves, one constant remains - white petals.Sometimes, though, there are creamy, almost yellow, daisy varieties, but rather, it is already an exception than a rule.

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