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10 May 2016


seeds may be contaminated, and therefore they need to be pre-treated.In cases where such treatment is not carried out by the manufacturer, it can be done independently.For the treatment use fungicide or a solution of potassium permanganate.

Prepare a solution of potassium permanganate

The color of the original solution should turn dark pink.But just to soak the seeds in this solution is impossible in any case: Insoluble grains of manganese can simply burn.Therefore, the resulting solution is diluted once more.The color should be much lighter, but the solution must be strong enough.When we spread the seeds on a cloth impregnated with a solution to get it and leave for several hours.

In the case where the processing has produced the manufacturer, on the packaging is sure to be indicated (for example, the words "Processed thiram" means that the fungicide is made).Such seeds can be planted without pretreatment.

containers for seedlings

containers for seedlings using the most simple - p

lastic containers of different sizes.It's a pleasure and for financial reasons.With regard to peat pots, then their choice should be approached very carefully - frequent pots of poor quality.

So, we have to prepare containers.To start cut out the drainage holes at the bottom of the container - they can safely make large enough.

next step is to make sure not to forget that what is growing in the container.To do this, use the handy tools: tape and pieces of paper with the name of seedlings or self-adhesive paper.

Land for seedlings

Poor land can nullify all the efforts on the selection and treatment of seeds, because the choice of the land is also extremely important.If the land contaminated with pathogens all crops die.That is why it is important to use proven products companies.

Earth poured into the container to the top, a little shaken, giving her stay more evenly and slightly thicken.Seedlings vital to large amounts of oxygen, so artificial hands to stamp the ground is not recommended.

Another important point - the right level of moisture of the earth.In order to avoid the loss of oxygen, sealing of land, as well as "washout" of smaller seeds during watering, we recommend the use of a so-called bottom watering: containers with seedlings establish a container, much larger in size and the water will be poured during thislarge outer container.Land with seedlings of the "internal" smaller containers will absorb the necessary amount of water through the drainage holes.

Sow seedlings

Now that the preparatory stages are passed, we can start planting seedlings.

If the seeds are small, you can land just "salt" them.If each seed weight in gold - it is better to use a toothpick: every grain carefully taken to the tip and is embedded in the ground at a sufficient distance from each other.

If the seeds are larger (for example, from castor beans or peas), then they need to be sprinkled on top of the ground.It employs the following rule: a layer of earth, which we sprinkle seeds should be approximately equal to twice the diameter of the seed.

Above ground, you can sprinkle vermiculite - it will be necessary to maintain the humidity of the earth, to prevent the deposition of salts on the surface and may even help in cases where the plants are sick of black leg in the initial stage.

The containers cover with a lid, forming a greenhouse, and put in a warm place until shaded seed germination.


During the time of germination to be watched very carefully in order to immediately after germination to move the container to a lighted place.

But there usually is a problem: the seeds germinate irregularly.In practice, this means that while ten-five seeds planted already sprouted remaining five may not be seen.If you move a container at this stage, the remaining seeds can never grow, because we will take care of those of others.For this seed stalks that are already significantly tightened up, carefully sprinkled the ground.Doing this is very convenient with a toothpick.

A pick

When the grown seeds getting crowded in the container - it comes time to picking.This point is easily identified by the fact that the leaves of plants begin to overlap.

order to make the right pick, the first step is to thoroughly wet the ground in the container (again resort to the method of lower irrigation).After that, the plant with a large amount of land transferred to their separate "apartment".

When swordplay is useful to plant a little "bury" - that is, sprinkle with ground seedling above the usual (especially the practice like tomatoes).Such deepening will provoke the formation of new, stronger roots.

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