Unusual fragrant gift: handmade soap

By Admin | The Hands
23 April 2016

It would seem, why do that easily, and cheaply, you can buy at the store?The question is no longer relevant when you see things like:

not immediately say that these amazing flowers and lovely toys - the soap.I agree that every woman and every child would be happy to have such a gift.Men also do not remain in insult:

Yes, and tools, and this remarkable set of men - is also a soap!

next argument is also not without significance: in the manufacture of household soap, you can use natural products.Chemical dyes and perfumes can be replaced with a decoction of herbs, spices, essential oils, etc.This soap will gently take care of your skin and the delicate skin of children.

methods soap making

most difficult - so-called soap "from scratch» .Key Ingredients - alkali fatty oils, additives (colorants, flavors, etc.).This method is good that you have complete control over the product.The main drawback - the use of active chemicals with which to work unsafe.

Soap "from scratch" c

ook "cold" or "hot."Hot involves heating the ingredients during the manufacturing process.This product can be used immediately after freezing.Cold performed without heating components on the plate, this is due to a chemical reaction with alkali components.Soap is brewed by this method is a more equal, but "mature" longer: to neutralize the alkali should go 4-6 weeks.

second, more simple and most popular, method - soap ad hoc basis .The soap base - a semi-finished product, a colorless and odorless.In most cases, it is done based on palm or coconut oil.It can be transparent or opaque.The basis is melted in a water bath or in the microwave, add components for color and smell.On the basis of soap to work easy and interesting: it melts easily, quickly hardens, easy to cut, no need to add water.Involve children in the process!

be trained in soap making is best for the children's soap .The main advantage of this method - availability: baby soap you can buy in any store, and the basis for the soap - only in special.The main disadvantage - refractoriness, opacity, and "native" smell of soap, which is not so easy to overcome.

for this method of soap making use unscented soap (fragrance free).

What is needed?

First of all - knowledge.Especially they will be useful if you are going to make soap "from scratch".The first thing should be familiar - with the safety precautions as alkali reserves severe burns on the skin that are difficult to heal.

user forumhouse.ru Irina (nick Offline YozhkinKot ) recommends at least a month devoted to the study of mechanics and chemistry of soapmaking process.It is useful to learn about special online calculator which allows to calculate the exact amount of ingredients to create their own recipes or homemade soaps cosmetics.

order not to harm the skin and cause allergic reactions, meet types of emulsions and emulsifiers, read about proper hydration of the skin, to study the structure and function of the skin compatibility of cosmetic ingredients, the use of vitamins in cosmetics, learn to correctly select the preservatives.On the right combination of scents tell aromatics.

- a very important question - and the correct application of fatty acid composition of the oils ... It is necessary to make a correct balanced fatty phase in the recipe, depending on skin type, age and problems.

Purchase protection: goggles, gloves, respirator.Buy instrumentation scales, thermometer, measuring spoon and cup, light or pH test strips - to ensure that the alkali is neutralized.Also need oil, flavors, fragrant spices, milk, honey, fresh juices, fruit, salt, chocolate, herbs, dried flowers, poppy and others.

Validating advised to buy ingredients in bulk from the manufacturer (make collective purchases) or in stores (notInternet), sell products for bakeries and pastry.

will be needed a sharp knife, cutting board, molds: wooden or plastic boxes, silicone molds, molds for the sandbox for children without small parts (of which the soap is removed harder).

to soap can be easily removed from the mold, place the cast form with soap and water in the freezer for 2-3 hours.Forms can also be routed bags, grease or beeswax.

Options casting beautiful soap

There are many techniques that allow us to make beautiful soap.For example, you can use different colored pieces of soap ready to get beautiful patterns:

Soap with swirls make, filling and sliced ​​rolled rolls colored ribbon from the finished soap melted soap base.Once you are ready narezhete soap into pieces, it would be nice zavitochki:

not to roll went home, first pour a thin layer of foundation to put rolls and wait until the foundation hardens, then pour the remainder of the base.

Looks nice soap bars with built-in a different color.For this technique cut the long bars of colored soap bars are then spread and pour soap base.

easiest recipe

Finally, you can try to make soap!A simple step by step recipe divided party forumhouse.ru Elena Stepanova (nick Offline Elenadar ):

  1. Take baby soap (preferably with a minimum of additives), it is cheap, usually made in accordance with GOST.
  2. Brew or boil herbs (depending on the herbs) that are suitable to you.For example, if you're doing an antiseptic soap, you can take celandine, chamomile, calendula, yarrow.
  3. soap rubbed on a grater, pour the infusion of herbs (to cover) and put on a slow steam bath.Cook, stirring until completely dissolved.
  4. Adding additives depending on what soap cook: soap-scrub - Ground coffee, milk.Herbs in this case it is better to add antiseptic, soothing, for example, chamomile.Soft Scrub Soap can be made by grinding oatmeal.The other options are optional add glycerin, pharmaceutical oils (eg, rosehip oil), essential oils.
  5. Next thing of beauty soap.I'm flooded with large shapes and then cut.But to do so: lining, for example, at the bottom of dried calendula petals.For the coffee scrub half flooded with coffee, allowed to dry and harden the second half flooded with milk soap - get beautiful.Then cut, annotate every soap, he collected a set and packed in a beautiful box.

Elena sure that soap-making will appeal to all, "who like every magical romp in the kitchen."In addition to his own pleasure, you still will please friends and relatives: « Soap friends enjoyed insane demand responses were only positive, still remember :)».

errors soap-boiler:

One common mistake - handmade soap mylitsya bad.This can happen if you have added a lot of oil.It also depends on what kind of oil to use (in oils have an indicator such as cleaning).


- At purification of olive oil is one of the most weak, soft.For economic usually taken coconut oil.Here it has a very high degree of purification.

soap can go bad (bad smells) oils from rancidity if used stale product.If soap
brewed from soap base, "sweat" (made on the surface of the drop), chances are you have added a lot of oil.

soap thickens not - perhaps you have added the wrong amount of NaOH or a lot of "soft" oil.

If soap breaks - used a lot of caustic soda, not enough water, or a large amount of fat, curing at room temperature.

Holes in cheese, are dangerous because they can collect the liquid.It may be safer oil, and can be an alkaline solution.Determined that it using pH test strips.Air bubbles are formed, if the soap mass poorly mixed.If this liquor soap must melt and mix thoroughly.

helpful to know that when cooking soap beet juice becomes gray, raspberry - blue or brown, coffee gives black, and brilliant green with time loses color.Useful information that unseasoned by adding flowers and fruits soap can give mold.Interestingly, white petals in a soap-based take on a blue tint, soy sauce will give a soap smell of ammonia, and the wine - blue-violet color.Fastest weathered citrus essential oils.Longer keeps the smell of oil of geranium, lavender, sage.

Members forumhouse.ru convinced that at home you can cook anything you want: solid and liquid perfumes, creams, shampoos, bath bombs, facials and more.Find recipes for homemade cosmetics products admire members of the forum and get links to useful Internet resources on "Soap and cosmetics with their own hands."

We wish you success in soap!