Apple orchard

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10 May 2016

as Kiev - the mother of Russian cities, and the apple tree, without exaggeration, be called the mother of each garden throughout the vast expanses of Russia.And who could argue with that statement ?!After all why, as a rule, begin to bookmark our new orchard growers?Of course, with the planting of young apple trees!Apple and thank us for the dedication of this garden culture delicious fresh, dried and Mochenov fruit compotes and juices, jam, marmalade and jam, fruit candy and delicious pies.Is not it worth the apple tree, to devote at least odnin of our reviews.

If you do not have time to lay the fruit garden last spring and only recently acquired country site, do not worry.You still have time this year to focus on creating a garden, plan a place to plant trees and prepare the planting hole.Meanwhile, in anticipation of the fall season number work in the garden, on closer acquainted with the heroine of our review - with Apple Tree .

possible in a single variety to satisfy all the requirements

of the grower to the Russian queen of the garden, such as eating habits and the compactness of the accommodation on the already small summer cottage.As for the root system to determine the future size of the apple.What is the scion and rootstock.As the origin of the stock affect the characteristics of future apple.How are summer, autumn and winter varieties of each other.And what is detachable and consumer maturity of fruit ... On this and many other things in the video ForumHouse.TV "Apple Trees. Selecting and raznooobrazie cultures" You tell agronomist Andrei Sedov.

The following video "Apple Trees. Preparing seedlings for planting" Andrei Sedov will explain how to choose the right make pruning and plant a sapling.And though in his story Andrew talks about spring planting apple trees, and the main recommendations are suitable for planting seedlings in the fall.

Sometimes you want to buy a seedling apple, liked the taste of fruit trees and the owner did not even remember the name of the variety growing in the area.Or lost tag from the purchased and planted apple trees before, and do not want to duplicate in a small area already existing variety.Then you come to the aid of the theme of "certain varieties of apple fruit from a photograph."

What are the columnar apple trees?So whether they are good, as they advertise gardening magazines, or they have no advantages over their sisters by heavy?What problems occur growers who choose to grow for a variety of apple model of harmony on his plot.All this you can read in the forum thread "columnar apple tree."

get acquainted with members of the forum feedback about the taste quality of the fruit variety of apple varieties and learn about the experiences of their cultivation in various regions of Russia, you'll be able to subject "Advise varieties of apple trees."

How expedient growing non-grafted apple trees in his garden.Are the time and effort of rooting the expected result?Answering these questions will help you to the theme of "Own-rooted apple trees in the MoD"

Which apple varieties are most suitable for cultivation in the North-West Federal District.Do the benefits of the varieties of Baltic and Finnish breeding to domestic varieties?And that can offer growers Russian breeders.To get the answer, look in the theme "Apple trees for the North-West."

in the last block of the distribution we will talk with you about how to preserve the health of the apple orchard that he pleased us not only a luxurious spring bloom, but the fruit and tasty.And for this we should look into the theme "Diseases and pests of apple trees."After all, who warned, that is armed!

If the trouble has come into your garden and the cause of health problems of apple is picked, the theme of "drugs to combat pests and plant diseases" will help your garden to find the best medicine.

What is the cause and what to do if there are not frequent, but there are problems of preservation leaves on apple despite late autumn can be found in the theme "Apple trees do not shed their leaves in winter and perish ....?"

you purchased the land on which the trees grow old.Then take a look at the theme "Old apple orchard - what to do?".Experienced gardeners will share with you my experience of rejuvenation and regeneration of the trees of the garden to life.