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10 May 2016

Among vegetables celery has a special place.This culture is rich in mineral salts, vitamins, carotene and essential oils valued for its beneficial properties, specific pleasant aroma and good taste.Therefore, in many suburban areas, this plant began to displace dill, parsley and other traditional herbs.

Types celery

Distinguish celery root, stemmed and leaf.The roots grow first weighing 400-800 g, they make excellent salads: tubers Grate and mix with sour cream or mayonnaise.This salad is especially useful for multiple sclerosis.In winter root vegetables are grown on a windowsill for the distillation of green.Its use in food every day 1-2 leaves.Among the gardeners are the most popular varieties of celery root: "Apple", "Gribovsky", "snow globe" and others.

important to cultivate good leaves of celery root in the middle of August.Since that time, the plastic material leaving the roots to the leaves.When the roots begin to form, with their top of the shovel earth to prevent the development of

a dense root system.This kind of celery likes soil with low nitrogen content.Cut the leaves from it is not recommended: root is small.

Leaf celery grown for its leaves fortified.They are cut during the summer-autumn period, dried or frozen for winter, adding to food for flavor and aroma.

Leaf celery is sown in the open ground for a few years - it tolerates winter.Root greatly depletes the soil, so every year for him to find a new place.

The fleshy stemmed celery stalks are important, the thickness of which reaches 3-5 cm. In the food consumed and the leaves.Favorite vacationers varieties, for example, "Utah" or "Golden Pen" are sown directly in the garden, then thinning (30x40 cm).

spud this kind of celery is not necessary, or petioles become earthy taste.To lighten the stalks and make them tender and juicy, wrap them in paper summer, leaving open only the leaves.

petioles begin to clean up in August.A delicious dish you get when you cut the stalks 8-10 cm long pieces, boil in salted water for 10-12 minutes and add the vegetable oil.

Sveta2609 advises plant root and celery stemmed so that the growing point is above ground.If the plants are planted deeply, the crop will be unimportant: thin stalks are obtained and juicy, and the roots - small and with lots of roots.

Growing seedlings

All kinds of celery are characterized by length of growing season.Since the cultivation of a large root takes 170-180 days, celery root grown only seedlings, sowing the seeds of 1-10 March.Other species sowing in open ground in April 20-25.

Experts advise to grow celery seeds in boxes filled with a mixture of turf and humus with a small amount of sand.Before sowing, the seeds are washed and soaked in warm water for three days.After - slightly dried and sown fell asleep thin layer of soil (0.2 cm).

seedlings grown at 15-18 ° C.Thick, thin out seedlings.Plants are watered sparingly.Dive and transplanted, plunging into the ground ½ part of the stem.After 2 weeks after pricking the seedlings fertilized.A few days before planting in open ground harden at 15 ° C.To do this, take out the boxes on the balcony, leaving around the clock.

Before planting the seedlings watered.Planting May 15-20 in the afternoon.During the growth of celery are fed twice: the first time - 2 weeks after planting, the second - after 3 weeks after the first feeding.

Tips forumchan

Cveta sowing the seeds of celery in a thick two-liter bowl of juice.Then make three grooves with the spacing of 3-4 cm, spray from the sprinkler.After seeding again and sprinkle lightly presses a finger or the blunt side of a knife into the ground table.Covering the film and puts on a week under the battery.After a couple of days every evening opens for ventilation.

earth and seeds should not dry out.Spray them with warm water from the sprinkler!

week later hatched seeds hostess puts on the window sill to the light.After 1-2 days a little sprinkles, while constantly watching, did not appear to mold.So it does during the whole period of germination of seeds (2-3 weeks).When there are green shoots with small cotyledons, Cveta starts slowly pour the ground.If many seeds germinate, thins, leaving the strongest shoots to the distance between 3-4 cm.

then every one to two weeks, depending on the growth of seedlings, pours the ground.When the 3-4 true leaves are transplanted into individual containers (in a drawer for 36 pieces).After landing his hands rakes the ground and cuts off the lateral roots.This procedure is doing three times, the first time - when they start to form small tubers.Earth around celery new posts covering straw or grass.Watered - depending on the weather throws the hose and soak the ground well.

participant offline Mandrake grows celery for more than 10 years.She prefers such varieties as "Maxim", "Prague Giant," "Egor".Last - tugovskhozh, it should be sown in early February.Since the emergence of the seed to maturity (in September), held 180 days.

hostess sows the seeds in a breeding ground (greater compost).Thin inputs gently pours pale solution of potassium permanganate.Sprouts decimates and after June 6-8, planted in a flower bed, tucked well-decomposed manure.The first time puts the small arc and acrylic covers.The same does in September, because this vegetable crop thermophilic.

Celery needs a good diet and hygrophilous.During drought it becomes smaller.

To speed up germination , forum users are advised to try the following methods:

  • wrap the seeds in paper soaked in a solution of HB-101 (Japan) and hold them so 4 hours before sowing.
  • Put in wet tablets at a temperature of 24 degrees and soak for hours in warm water (to change a couple of times), put on the battery, then the tablets and put under cover, in a thermos (at Kondrat such seeds went up to 4 days before).
  • Yulevna to do so: 12 hours soaked seeds in "ideal", pour into bowl 3 cm of soil, poured on top and spread ground a little bit of snow on it with a toothpick laying out the seeds.Earth is not sprinkled on top.Pan, cover and put on the window sill close to the battery.After 5 days the seeds hatch.

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