Flowerbed-pot of old tires

By Admin | Landscape
20 May 2016
Options section tires a lot, I propose two interesting solutions:

process of cutting a jigsaw (tires from passenger cars to KAMAZ).
the planned line.Drill bit, drill 8-10 mm.through hole.
It put sawing jigsaw.Clutching a jigsaw to the tire move it down the line.Rotation speed max.Sawing wood is not very big tooth.You can use a metal nail file, but saws slowly and strongly heated.

In all cases, is likely to be the smell of burning rubber, it's not scary.

WARNING Do not cut with a jigsaw sawing wood across the rim of the tire, for this purpose, use metal nail file.
Flowerbed-pot of tires Flowerbed-pot of tires
In the following photo, harder version:
Flowerbed-pot of tires Flowerbed-pot of tires