Scourge fence.

By Admin | The Hands
23 April 2016

woven from branches of the fence - a really universal solution for the garden: and disguise unsightly place, and break area on the functional areas, and will serve as a beautiful decor.An additional "plus" - so the fence can do anyone.And yet, she went to a durable and beautiful, you need to know a few secrets of weaving.

We have already talked about how to make a woven fence with their hands.Today, their experiences, participants are divided


new posts ani1883 says that the fence will suit willow and aspen young.His oshkurivayut until crust is still fresh.For decorative fence mistress also used old aluminum poles and water pipes with a diameter of about 20 mm.Plastic pipe fittings are strung on crop (for the straight sections of the fence).

enkha tried willow, birch and alder.For baskets she liked the birch, and for beds - alder.

Member Forum leon42 advises to use for weaving willow twigs and shrubs.They are harvested in April and May, in late summer or ea

rly fall.The rods need to be cut with a sharp knife diagonally.

weaving technique

used to frame the fence pine stakes diameter of not more than 5 cm with a pointed lower end.Stakes driven into the ground to a depth of 25-30 cm at a distance of 30-35 cm from each other.Starting to weave the ground.To
while weaving the fence is not twisted, the pins on top of the best time to nail a wooden bar.After the end of this bar gently removed.

Horizontal weaving technique leon42 describes as:

- Secure butt (basal) of the rod in front of the first stake right hand, the left - Insert the rod in the second count, giving him out before the third stake.When you finish the first row, proceed to the second.Then lock the inboard end of the rod behind the first stake and go around the second number on the front.Then continue as described weave pattern.To make it easier to press the vine, bending it, use an awl.

To make the fence more dense, to shoot down the bars close to each other hammer.

Horizontal weaving is considered to be more attractive and more popular.Vertical weaving option is as follows.The stakes are driven into the ground at 1 m. Every 30 cm between them nailed horizontal poles.Getting weaving, sticking in the ground butt rods.If

stakes watered regularly, with time fence can become hedges.

leon42 cautions that this lesson will take a lot of time and effort, and hold that beauty is not very long.The stakes may rot (to solve this problem is to treating lower part of the antiseptic, vitriol or hot bitumen).Over time, the bars lose the look (and to deal with that colorless impregnation).To the ends of stakes
not soaking, on top of their better conically sharpen them or hang clay pots.

Another type of fence - "shaggy".About this weaving technique tells Tom :

- small branches are not cut off, and with the main involved in weaving.It turns out very quirky and unconventional.

Matilda repeatedly tried to weave the fence.The best fence turned a third time.Its creation came home thoroughly.First of all, hammered into the ground a piece of pipe, and it already inserted pins.They are made from cuttings for shovels - nekonditsiyu bought for 20 rubles apiece.But that's not all the secrets:

- Secondly, taking long thick twigs to their length enough from the first to the last stake.And rotate: it began with the thick end, with thin.The upper rod and all edges secured with screws.They are almost invisible.

Xitrez thickets of willow and hazel-boat made a bed, chair, arch.A wicker "blinds" in the gazebo to protect against wind and rain, protect from the summer heat at the same time transmit light well.

How to decorate the fence?

Wattle and itself looks nice.And yet, it is possible to add originality, decorated jugs, clay pots, butterflies and birds to nest.Nearby you can put the other elements of country life - a cart or a wheel from her wicker sculptures, wood furniture, garden tools (buckets, rakes, etc.).

And do not forget the flowers!Decorative or conventional sunflowers, vines, marigolds and other "old wives' plants will" picture "finished.