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09 May 2016

There is probably no nation in the world, in fairy tales and myths which would not have been given a significant place chicken and rooster.This wonderful bird is not accompanied mankind for thousands of years in the whole course of his long life's journey.And it is hard to imagine a farmhouse without ever kvohchuschey flocks of chickens and proudly pacing beside his "Babi kingdom" cock.Man glorified chicken in his literary works.And what a cookbook complete without mention of this ancient and eternally modern birds?About them: for hens and roosters, about chickens, how to grow them worthy successors of their parents, we tell you in this review.

talk about their pets, share experiences and learn skills of caring for chickens from their peers, discuss the breed chickens, find out where, when and at what age is best to buy chickens, decide what you want to grow this bird and what conditions must becreate to obtain the expected result -All this you can in the theme "Chickens".

If you are so importan

t bird performance, but are interested in its decorative effect, we advise you to pay attention to the theme of "Chinese silk chickens."You will be able to discuss with the owners of this breed the original questions on the maintenance and cultivation of a bird.

very popular both for their own consumption and for sale, broilers.How to pick up the bird, how to grow chickens, calves avoid infection, the system of feeding and lighting, bird density in the cell, the financial layout for broilers - all of this information can be gleaned from the topic of "How to keep chickens in cages."

For those who want to grow chickens seasonally, leaving the town only for the summer months, it is advisable to pay attention to the theme of "I very much want to have chickens in the summer", "4-5 layers for a couple of months to the country" and "breeding broilerssummer for the family. "

poultry health and productivity largely depends on how you take care of it all along her life.Therefore, the next block of this review will be devoted to the acquisition of healthy chickens and their breeding.

most economical and guaranteed option to get healthy and inexpensive litter - is to buy an incubator for artificial withdrawal of young animals from the eggs.But high-quality incubator is not so cheap.A cheap incubators do not justify the claimed quality.Therefore forumchanin _JG_ I decided to make their own incubator.And post your detailed photo report with the notes in the theme "My homemade incubator."The theme will be useful for those who grow poultry exclusively for themselves, and those who focused on the breeding of poultry for sale.

How do aviary rearing newly hatched chicks will tell you the theme of "Bruder".

When hatched chicks in the incubator for you too troublesome process, and you decide to purchase a daily or podroschennogo chicken, it is possible to tell where to buy young birds you will be able to theme of "Where can I buy a chicken (hen)."

question of how to grow out of daily chicken healthy adult bird, how to care for youngsters, you can ask in the theme "Chicks. From the first days of life - feeding and caring."

And now turn our attention to problems that can considerably spoil the good mood and peaceful life as the poultry farmers, and his pet.

With what diseases you may encounter while growing poultry, how to recognize the disease at an early stage and how to treat chicken or chicken fell ill about it, you can ask a question and get an answer in the theme "Diseases of Birds".

What problems might arise in layers?What determines the egg production chickens and what should be done to improve it?What breed is regularly able to provide its owner with quality eggs?Get answers to these questions can be the topic "Who like chickens rush."

Another bane of all the poultry farmers is rodents, wild animals, neighborhood cats and dogs, birds of prey, who are not averse to diversify your menu with fresh, a young well-fed chicken or chicken.Themes "Rats in the henhouse" and "Foxes, dogs, ferrets / mink, vultures / yasteby - both of them to save the bird " will tell you how to protect the hen house from the penetration of unwanted guests.

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