Care of seedlings and cuttings winter

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09 May 2016

their secrets to care for seedlings and cuttings winter with us Olga divided Kartavenkova.Despite the fact that Olga dacha experience of 4 years, on its site will never say - on it we can see the amazing flower beds and vegetable beds ideal.

City apartment Olga - a real winter paradise for her plants!Each of the two balconies specially equipped for the cultivation of various plant species.From the balconies and start.

Care seedlings

On the first balcony is supported by the constant average temperature of + 10 ° C - such conditions comfortable for the plants, which require over-exposed and not be able to survive our harsh winter in the area.This, for example, pelargonium ivy.

to the second balcony is much warmer - is maintained at + 25 ° C.The main piece of furniture here - a large bookcase with height-adjustable shelves and a built-in fluorescent lamps, which is located next to the window.On the top and the largest shelf height is a place for rearing.They live, for example, adult seedlings, cut

tings and queen cells, which is sufficient for the growth of a limited amount of light.

distance between the lower shelves is much less - from 20 cm, ie very close to the lamp.These shelves are arranged seedlings (seedlings that have just sprouted).In this period must be a maximum amount of light, and this caused a short distance to the lamp.

amount of light that is most comfortable for our plants, can be determined empirically.To do this, you need to constantly monitor their appearance and ensure that the tips of the leaves are not dried up to turgor was good (the plant itself and the leaves should look lush and healthy) to stalk not stretched too far and the distance of internodes was normal.If these warning signs in your plants you will not see - so they have enough light and everything is in order.As soon as some of the symptoms begin to appear - this is a sure sign that you need to adjust the amount of light.

Winter cuttings

If the spring wants to get as much of planting material, is the most suitable occupation will winter cuttings.

first thing is to take care of liquor - a plant from which will later take cuttings.These plants are transported in the fall just to the area of ​​the apartment.

As a substrate using Olga planting soil mixed with vermiculite in a ratio of 1: 1.Such a mixture is obtained is very light and breathable.The substrate is then put into a plastic disposable container.

cuttings themselves cut off from the mother liquor oblique cut with a sharp sterile instrument (for example, razors).Sharing must contain an average of from 1 to 3 interstitials.After all the lower leaves are cut off, and the handle are only the top.

prepared substrate is done in a small depression where the stem and planted (planting depth should be approximately equal to the height of the interstices).Sharing gently sprinkle the ground on either side without pressing it into the ground, but simply fixing.

Moisturizing substrate planted will handle with the lower irrigation - small containers are put into a container larger sizes, and which is filled with water.Thus, the substrate through the drainage holes in the bottom itself absorbs moisture it needs.

next stage of propagation is very important - this is the stage of root formation.In our interest to create optimal conditions for the plant to the root system formed strong and healthy.To do this, it needs a high enough temperature (approximately + 20 ° C - + 25 ° C) and very high humidity (about 90%) - that is, we need to create for each cutting mini-greenhouse.

to create a greenhouse can be used or are already familiar disposable plastic containers (but larger size, which easily enters our planted sapling) or conventional packages.

Using a separate large container for each container with handle at first glance may seem a bit cumbersome, but our heroine is fully satisfied with this method.Olga believes that this mini-greenhouse, the plant will be in optimum conditions.

After placing the cutting into the outer container on its bottom can be quite a bit of water to pour in if you think that the soil moist enough or simply want to further increase the level of humidity.Top container tightly closed lid.

Our greenhouse is ready for cutting.It is there that he will take root over the next 1-3 weeks.

must say that Olga is constantly uses this method of rooting and fully pleased with it - about 98% of the planted cuttings root quality.

second shelter said method using packet even more simple.At the top of the container with handle Wear disposable plastic bag and rubber band is fixed at the top of the container (fixed, by the way, not only with the help of gum, but simply tied tightly package).Done!

Surely there are other ways of propagation.But whichever of them you use, you must always remember that the most important conditions for good root formation is the presence of heat, humidity, lack of sunlight and soft, comfortable light for plants in winter.

Perhaps someone it all seem very troublesome task, but believe me, your efforts will be rewarded.Plants that we give such meticulous care and attention, in the spring we will be pleased with abundant flowering and autumn - a great harvest.

We thank Olga Kartavenkovoy for providing material for the article