Spring trees whitewashing

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09 May 2016

Once spring whitewashing of trees has traditionally been the April event Saturday.Perhaps that is why some truckers garden work begins with this work: if trim trees proclaim the end of winter.But there is another view that the solution prevents the plants grow naturally awakening after the winter and spring because whitewashing spend more for beauty than for use.

And yet ... We should not forget that the processing of the bark with special solutions is performed not only to protect plants from sunburn, according to supporters of the autumn whitewash trees.The solution protects the bark from a variety of external stress factors: sun, frost and wake garden pests.Therefore whitewash can be carried out twice a year for preventive or therapeutic purposes.

In the latter case, the composition of the solution varies somewhat, adding a component for the treatment of wounds and cracks appeared on the bark.To whitewash was not an exercise in futility, it is necessary not simply "transform" garden trees, and do i

t by the rules.

How to whiten?

important to decide on the timing of such work.They are usually carried out in February and March, at least - in April, until the land had not yet warm enough to wake bark beetles: unprotected plants will give them a good abode in the beginning of the new season.

whitewash process can be divided into three stages.Please carefully inspect the tree trunk is purified from his old bark (only mature trees!), Mosses and lichens special scraper or wire brush.If the tree cracks, they are processed garden pitch or putty.

Clean the barrel better after heavy rains: Soaked bark peels off easily than dry.

second stage - a solution for whitewash.Traditionally used slaked lime (it covers the barrel twice), although now there are many ready-made formulations based on chalk with the addition of copper sulphate and fixing adhesive.

And finally, the last stage - the very whitewashing, which is used for brush or spray gun.Treat the tree trunk, skeletal branches and fork, sometimes gardeners and paint over some types of shrubs.

The whitewash?

simple solution for whitewash you can prepare yourself.To do this you will need 2.5 kg of lime and half a liter of copper sulfate.The components dissolve in a bucket of water, and then add 200 grams of wood, silicate glue, PVA or soap.The composition should not be too liquid nor too thick.

have the usual whitewash has a significant disadvantage - it is quickly washed away by rains.Validating offer to try other options:

  • water-dispersion acrylic paint for garden trees - smeared brush without adding water;the composition is also washed out, but less than the usual whitewash;
  • whitewash with the addition of clay (2: 1) - has healing properties and badly misses heat, causing the wood better tolerate sudden changes in temperature;
  • svezhegashenoy solution of lime, cooked in skimmed milk - skimmed milk (preferably held).

What you can not do:

  • whiten young trees with smooth bark - clog pores, slowing gas exchange, causing the plant grows poorly, and the trunk slowly thickens;
  • whitewash in sub-zero temperatures and rainy weather;whiten the rain - it's a waste of time;
  • not need to whitewash the whole tree - a plant ceases to breathe.In addition, together with the solution kills the larvae of pests ladybug - defenders garden of aphids;
  • can not process the trees in spring, when the autumn whitewash well preserved.

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