Barbecue Rhapsody: interesting recipes from members of the forum

By Admin | The Hands
22 April 2016

How much can be learned by analyzing popular Internet queries!For example, many seriously believe that May 1 is celebrated International Day barbecue!Do you think they are right?

Do you know what "houses for barbecue?"It turns out, that means the cultural pastime, cooking meat in a specially organized for this purpose where, in particular, can take a BBQ hire.And where do you go?

immediately found an interesting recipe for minced kebab.Have you heard of it?No?Then here's to you, melem conventional ingredients in a meat grinder, salt, pepper, add the crumbled dill can - semolina (give it succulence).Next - call her husband or, at worst, the finder of any handy man.His task - to throw the meat balls on a table with a half-meter height, but stronger!This is to not split up burgers during cooking, because the egg we will not put!Finally, the Council add half teaspoon mincedsoda - not to meatballs were out of skewers.Everything!You can string together kebab kebabs, burgers, meatballs or - what you got, and

roast them over the fire, choking on saliva!

Rules cooking tasty barbecue

You have happened is this: everything seems to be done with a prescription, but the result - not the one?This is because the author says not all the "tricks": either forget to mention about "the little things", whether intentionally hides.Miser - not us.Therefore, you will open a few culinary secrets.We do not mind, because they are - strangers: borrowed from the party Misha078 :

  1. main recipe for success - good fresh meat.
  2. pieces should be small.If the meat is tender, the pieces need to do more to keep the juiciness.
  3. marinated for barbecue necessarily put a bow.To increase the amount of juice, cut it, sprinkle with salt and spices, and only then mix with meat.
  4. Vinegar makes the meat tough, replace it with lemon juice.
  5. Do not marinate the meat for a long time!It is enough to leave it in a cool place for a couple of hours.For a guy and very tender meat is enough for half an hour.
  6. Do not use for ignition: they spoil the taste of meat.
  7. Do not turn the skewers too often: the meat will be dry and tough.
  8. Choose a good angle, better - birch.

Complements Sergei Southerner :

- The value of wood in great barbecue.Let's go from the worst - to the desired:

  • pine and spruce are not suitable for barbecue (meat will taste bitter);
  • birch and acacia - neutral option;
  • oak and beech - good, but will leave a lot of money;
  • apple and pear - the least flavorful version of fruit trees;
  • resin plum, apricot, zherdely (wild apricot), sweet cherries give the meat a unique flavor;
  • dry vine - just a song.

familiarized?Remember Me?Then get started!

Kebab in pomegranate juice from Dima Danilov

marinade ones (90%) - pomegranate juice, it must completely cover the meat.To this was added (to taste) lemon juice, wine balsamic vinegar, wine vinegar, tarragon.Two weeks latter insist on herbs (basil, mint, marjoram, oregano, celery, parsley, rosemary, savory).The mixture was put salt, sweet paprika, black pepper and a few pinches of the above mentioned herbs.

Kebab "From the old donkey" from Viktoshi

new posts sure that even meat marinade elderly ass in turn suckling lamb meat.Uses such ingredients: lemon, a couple of onions, a little green, kiwi (do not overdo it: it will take 1 piece of 1-1.5 kg of meat).The meat is marinated for 1-2 hours.

And a few words about the marinade.For it is not only used vinegar, and mineral water, mayonnaise, yogurt.If you like Chinese food, try to soak the meat in a mixture of soy sauce, ginger and garlic.Lemon and lime kebab give a pleasant acidity and flavor.For "fast" barbeque sprinkle the meat with tomato juice or watering during the preparation of dry red wine - so do Georgians.The meat turns tender and juicy!To prepare Zhigar-kabob (kebab liver with bacon fat or fat-tailed) Marinate the meat in milk.

quickly and economically, "barbecue" from Kate

If you are bored with the traditional barbecue, or when it is expected a lot of guests, cook meat rolls.Young beef cut into pieces, repel, sprinkle with seasoning for meat.For the filling cut onions, three carrots and fry in vegetable oil.Boil and finely cut mushrooms, black olives, pitted.Three cheese.On meat plate layers spread the stuffing (onion and carrots, then mushrooms, followed - olives, in the end - cheese), we turn rolls, tying thread.Rolls filled with red dry wine, pickle day.

Similarly, do rolls stuffed with whole small tomatoes and slices of banana.

strawberry sauce shish kebab from IrisA

new posts offers a recipe invented by her daughter.Medium-sized strawberries cut lengthwise, slightly extinguish a mixture of oil and butter, add seasonings: paprika, black pepper, coarse salt, sugar, basil, a little lemon juice or other acidic liquids (such as a marinade from the caper).At the end, add a little butter, a tablespoon of mayonnaise and ketchup.

Skewers of chicken wings from Ell

wings marinate in a mixture of honey, soy sauce and ketchup, salt-free.Another option - mayonnaise, ketchup, spices (curry, pepper), salt.You can add the saffron.

«The best kebab" from Nurata

most juicy and soft, according to new posts, barbecue in Uzbek - beshpandzha.It is prepared in five (sometimes - three) skewers.First, lay out a mutton bone, then alternate the strips of meat and sheep fat.The length of the strips is on increasing - from 10 to 20 cm. At each beshpandzhu taken approximately 7 strips of meat and 6 - fat.All strung for example fans.The meat is rubbed with spices (mixture of cumin, coriander and red pepper) and salt, put in the cold for a few hours and prepare.

Fish rolls on Viktoshi

fresh frozen mackerel (2 pcs.), Pink salmon fillet (entirely possible), cut into pieces of 3-4 cm. Pour 2-3 tablespoonsvinegar and a glass of cooled boiled water.Add sliced ​​lemon, spices (basil, oregano, thyme), salt and pepper.Marinate for half an hour.Then make rolls: mackerel into place pink and tie cotton thread.Put no coals or grill.Cook for 10-15 minutes.

Vegetarian kebab from Ell

Ell makes it easy: archery, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes.Mushrooms and onions first sprinkled with a mixture of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (you can of grape, plum) with olive oil, adding a pepper and spices.Insist 30 minutes and - on skewers!Salts already on the table, according to taste.Similar he prepares kebabs with pepper, tomatoes and eggplant.These fit shashlik sauce of mayonnaise, sour cream and herbs (parsley, cilantro, dill, garlic).

Eggplant and peppers pre-baked, and then remove the skins.Tomatoes pour over boiling water and remove the skins.

Skewered squid on Mariska

500g squid cut into strips 5-7 cm wide and about an hour pickle sauce.For him, mix 1/5 tspchili powder, 1 tablespoonchopped parsley, 1 tablespooncilantro, 1 tablespoonsugar, 1 tablespoonrefined vegetable oil, 3 tablespoonswine vinegar.Then squid strung on skewers and fry, turning, for 3-4 minutes.

Try kebab and other seafood: looks interesting dish of octopus will delight and skewers of shrimp.

Exotic skewers - the author :)

most unusual skewers you can try in Vietnam.Almost all the local restaurants you will be served ... rats, cooked on the grill.If we discard the complexes, we can agree that this dish looks appetizing enough.And what would be the benefit for local homeowners: meat and gratis, and benefits for the household!They say that the best frying rats entirely, bones and entrails.Tasty - with chili sauce or fish.

way, Internet users are interested in and barbecue ... from beaver.Probably, it is - as a fallback: a large May Day celebrations, and the meat ends up, but once we relax by the water, it means that somewhere there must be the best ... ... beavers.:)

recipes delicious, but less extreme dishes, including - salads to barbecue, can be found in the forum, using the quick search.Learn more about barbecue here.

Well, it seems, and everything ...

Ah, yes!Regarding mashlyka ... Finding an answer on the Internet gave an anecdote:

- And why do you say barbecue-mashlyk?
- A patamuchta we have such crops multur!

the mouths of the people speaketh the truth!It is believed that this linguistic phenomenon is peculiar to people Nenashev nationality who master the Russian language.And we, by the rule of bad example, borrow it.But here we must be careful: in such a phrase may acquire not only humorous, but also a negative meaning (mockery, mockery, insult). For example, a neighbor said the neighbor, "Come back tomorrow, I'll make a delicious barbecue!" And he says, "not to speak my teeth with all sorts of barbecue-mashlykami!It is better to give the money that you took a loan for one week a year ago! ".

respect each other, regardless of nationality, and, of course, nature!And - let's raise our glasses, wine glasses, glasses ...!For peace in the world, for work that brings moral satisfaction and financial satisfaction and the first in May, a delicious barbecue!