Pergola, giving coolness.

By Admin | Landscape
20 May 2016
Pergola - a corridor of espalier (grids) on the pillars, or overgrown with greenery garden furniture.

Appointment pergolas

pergola with flowering vines adorn the garden, and in the heat gives the coolness and shade.It can be a great vacation spot.

proposed pergola - an arbor with a roof fan, open on one side and covered with decorative grilles on the other - the most functional solution for central Russia.

Pergola is easy to assemble themselves, with a minimum set of necessary materials and drawings.With this project, you can quickly and easily transform your garden.

For building pergolas can use metal structures, wood, plastic.The choice of material depends on the overall style of the garden: for a modern house in Art Nouveau style suitable metal poles, sliding metal panels with a pattern, for a country cottage is best to use crude wooden structure for the Japanese garden - thick beams of dark wood and bamboo trellis.

The proposed project uses wooden structures.

device pergolas

First of all, do the layout location of the supporting pillars.Prepare holes razmerom400x400x400 mm.Insert the poles and Grout.Total

you should have six pillars bearing the same size 100x100 and height of 2400 mm placed as indicated in Figure 1.

supporting pillars connect with each other horizontal beams 50x100 mm.They will be mounted with fan roof.

Fabricate three decorative trellis in a large cage.Each consists of a wooden frame and intersecting strips (30x30 mm) in length 1260 and 1540 mm.Fig.2.

Tapestries attach the uprights.Fig.3.

Make vault roof, placing the board in the form of open fan at a specified distance.Fig.4.

Fix the roof.Fig.5.

Cover penoteksom wooden structures.

Along the perimeter pergolas will land vines.

- For the middle band is ideal pyatilepestochkovy girlish grapes, clematis Zhakmana.

- For more southern areas may be advisable climbing rose, nasturtium foreign and northern - winter-hardy varieties of common ivy.

- If the pergola is located near the house or outbuildings, it is better to choose a paint color to match the buildings, creating a single compositional whole.

- If it is close to the flowering of trees, more appropriate to choose the rich dark or brown tones to create contrast.

- winter and autumn when the vines lose their beauty, pergola decorates a miniature conifers.