The selection and planting bulbs for next season

By Admin | Garden, Garden
09 May 2016

In this review, we will talk with you about the most popular bulb plants that are traditionally decorate our gardens with its bright blooms throughout the spring.Galanthus (snowdrop), muscari, crocuses, hyacinths, tulips and daffodils are opening summer season in the garden, vystrelivaya floral fireworks, heralding the end of winter and the approach of summer.What are the most spectacular varieties of bulbs are easy to grow and how to choose bulbs, how to store the planting material before planting in the ground, at what time and how to plant bulbs of our favorite plants, how to care for the plants throughout the growing season, you will be able to learn from those of ourreview.

Which of bulbous plants in the fall can be purchased to provide a luxurious garden blooming from the spring of next year until the closing of the summer season?When to buy bulbs, as well as in some months, it is better to plant?These questions will be answered in the topic "bulbs for next season."

They first give us joy,

delighting its early flowering, breaking through the melting snow from the rays of the spring sun.Their miniature size is offset by a variety of shapes and colors."Melkolukovichnye ephemeroids (Galanthus, crocus, muscari, Scylla, Pushkin and others.)"

In our country it can be found in many gardens and even in the wild.Some species are grown because of powerful size of the plants and their large, bright colors.Other conquer its diminutive form that could become an ornament to any alpine slide.The next topic of this review we will talk about our hero - "grouse (Fritillaria)".

The main thing to find him a suitable place in the garden, and he will be able to justify your confidence, becoming a real decoration of the compositions of plants and adequately express themselves in solo games.The diversity of species and varieties of the theme of "decorative bow."

very favorite in the early last century and still no shortage of admirers - " Hyacinth ".The variety of these bulbs can create coloristic range from kipelno white to deep ink.Different shades of blue and purple are able to satisfy the most pretentious taste.Lovers of magnificent forms can be found even "double" with hyacinths multitsvetkovoy form inflorescences.

It would seem, what may surprise us tulips?However, the success of breeders continue to amaze our imagination, presenting the market a simple, double, fringed, flowered species and tulips, combine these qualities.Get introduced varieties, find reviews of them members of the forum, get tips about farming techniques such wonderful spring flowers, you can theme "Tulips".

following our heroes - "Daffodils".And they have their fans among gardeners.If you are uncomfortable with the fact that this is a wonderful plant at this stage of their evolution, be sure to look into the topic of the same name.Where our forum users talk about their priorities and varieties of daffodils farming techniques.

autumn is also possible to purchase bulbs of lilies.And even though we have already told you about the topics that discuss issues of growing these garden beauties, but, nevertheless, for those who are new to our forum or who want to recall the topic of lilies, remember that to see the lookvarieties of lilies in advertising stickers, and photographs taken by the forum users in their gardens, you'll be able to subject " Lilies. Grades (our catalog) ".If you are concerned about peresorta acquired among the lilies, the theme of " Lilies. Varieties and their identification " will help you determine the grade.

Lilies are one of the most unpretentious plant.Nevertheless, each type recommended by the best conditions for their growth and development.On the secrets of growing and caring for roses, please see the topic "Lilies (agriculture)".

happens that for some reason you were not able to plant the bulbs in time.In this case, we recommend you look into the topic "Forcing bulbs (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.)", and use the recommendations of the agronomist of "Belaya Dacha Flowers" Irina Safronova in the video "Bulbous plants. Forcing, overexposure, landing".