Cold gamma Russian garden

By Admin | Landscape
20 May 2016
dacha construction three primary colors of Russian nature - white blue, green, with a predominance of the first or last depending on the season.Cold gamma Russian garden.She is calm, do not throw and harmonious.Light blotches of bright colors do not break, but only emphasize its integrity.

The area in which we worked, relatively small, about three hundred and seven in front of the house - behind him.Naturally, the architecture and the surrounding landscape have defined the landscape garden style.Large wooden house at the same time very modern and yet built in the traditions of Russian classics.He squat: eaves end about three feet from the ground, which makes it very comfortable and reliable.But this building is a light, bright, clear - thanks to huge windows, almost glass walls.Modern technology and materials now make it possible to use them in our climate unkind.The result is a real country house, not a small copy of the city's buildings, because it is literally permeated garden.Each of his window - a landscape, enclos
ed in a frame.

Children's Town

Of course, we could not take advantage of this by placing garden structures.And not only artistically, but also from a practical point of view.For example, children's playground overlooking the kitchen.Therefore, even when the parents can not be with the children in the garden, they will not let them out of sight.By the way, three of them in the house, and even the children of friends who often come to visit.Therefore, the town is a great success.And not just for the younger family members.There is a place for seniors.In addition, all loads are calculated on the weight of an adult.They can play and tinker with their children without fear that the construction of crackling beneath their feet.

Garden construction

dacha construction

Walls of houses painted in the traditional colors of Russian manorstyle-white and aquamarine.Therefore, all the wooden structures in the garden, we have stood in the same color scheme: fence, bath system pergolas, benches, trellis, arbor covered, even an aviary for the dog.

Crosshair rails and white columns arbors, benches, arches, too, evoke thoughts of the old Russian garden.And yet everything is very comfortable.In a covered gazebo - BBQ in the kitchenette - vanity.These basic household stuff create coziness.They are inexpensive, but beautiful.The owners of the garden with pleasure all use it.


dacha construction All tracks in the garden - sinuous, made in the landscape style.And apart from the usual gravel have wooden flooring.Lawn hide the fact that they are not laid on the ground and above the ground.Embedded parts are mounted in a concrete base.Material - larch, one of the most durable and long-lasting.In addition, each plate is impregnated with an antiseptic and absorbent stain, between the range of 1.5-2 cm, so flooring does not become deformed during freezing or high humidity or when dry.For this track as on the wooden floor, it is very pleasant to walk barefoot.

Garden les

plot is quite smooth, and half of it is located in the forest.Around - the old ancient pines.So we decided to change the terrain - do podsypku ground and build a retaining wall.It is a dry clutch - without cement and concrete, from yellow-beige sandstone.Height - 35-40 cm. The entire length of the wall and planted ground cover plants ampelnye: saxifrage, Ceduna, creeping juniper and cotoneaster.And then - the transition from the horizontal forms of shrubs to high coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs.Just as in the mixed forest median strip.Large trees is a linden, maples (sugar, holly, Tatar, Ginnala), mountain ash and hawthorn.The result was a real Russian forest, but man-made, and therefore a little fabulous, colorful, cheerful, with colorful foliage.Perennial flowers and decorations: shade-tolerant, flowering, decorative and deciduous.And we put the most robust and require little or no maintenance.

Water jet

dacha construction complex retaining walls enliven the geysers.These are three different levels of the jet, constantly changing its height and sound.I would say that the water, which is in perpetual motion, murmuring and singing - is not so much a garden decoration, as his soul.And she attracts.And not only people, but also birds and butterflies: they love to curl here.Wherever there is water, there is no loneliness, there is the presence of a living being.A night light makes even more beautiful geysers.


I must say that it is also a very technological garden, it is packed with technical devices that make the lives of its owners comfortable.Here there are drainage and storm sewer - collection and storage of rain water, and lighting area and automatic watering.The garden always looks well-groomed, and requires a minimum of care: mowing the lawn once a week, trimming withered flowers, autumn - leaf collection.