Creating a "live" arbor

By Admin | Garden, Garden
08 May 2016

Today we can see a variety of arbors: wood, brick, wrought-iron.However, among them stands out "live" construction - not overgrown with vines and roses, and formed out of the trees and shrubs.To learn how to use simple tools and techniques to create something similar in his country, said President Roh professionals and amateurs Rose Alexander shot.

According to him, our suburban areas are usually overloaded with various buildings.The house, barn, garage, barbecue, etc.occupy a lot of space.And because any cottagers want to see in yourself more natural and natural."Live" gazebo - this is just a place that will relax among the rustling of leaves and a refreshing breeze.

First we need to decide where to build the (more appropriate secluded area in your garden), as well as size.The spacious gazebo 3.5-4.5 m tall can accommodate up to ten people.Plants grown
cordon.Circling planted 12 bushes, one per meter.You can drive a few wooden racks and pull between the wire to which will tie up the branches.

to "live" arbor better use of fast-growing tree species: poplar recovering well Chinese, who for a short time to close all the shortcomings facilities, mountain ash, willow.
darker and dull furniture obtained from conifers, such as spruce.The construction of the apple and pear trees, in addition to cool, the harvest will bring, and of lime - please scented blooms.

Also suitable Amelanchier canadensis.Thin shoots of this plant will help form a broadly crown.Depending on the time of year, irgi leaves change color from bluish-green to crimson and gold, which will give the construction of a scenic view.

«Live» gazebo can be done in a few days if the plant is already mature trees.However, you simplify your task, if you start with small plants, not more than a meter tall.However, in this case, you will have to wait a few years until they grow up.

When the plants reach a height of two meters or more, beginning to weave direct and branches.First, this is done using the garter, green roof forming different shapes.In the first year or two shoots are not cut to the desired density of branches reached across the dome.Then, closer to the fall, the shoots are cut or braid inside, fixing wire or clips.A week later, the leaves of violence, forming a dense and dull tent "antique", completely covered with leaves.

To plants are not growing, and felt somewhat depressed, after a period of adaptation resorted to the method of bonsai - exhaustion.This achieves a maximum number of shoots and thus shading.

When forming a "living" way to use the gazebo as "pereprivivki": young shoots are superimposed, tightly linked to their tissues subsequently fused.Thus it turns out one plant with two roots.If you do this carefully from year to year with all the plants, the result can be to grow a tree with roots and twelve single crown.

During the following years the trees are watered, fed, remove dry or damaged branches, follow the proper growth of new shoots.

to the bottom of the gazebo was not bare trunks, carefully tended, planted trees to shrubs or vines grapes girlish - undemanding plant, which feels good in the shade, hops, magnolia, clematis vinogradolistny - it will add beautiful floral paint.What matters is that the plants are not killed gazebo.Iebasic trees should be dominant.

When the "live" furniture is ready, is to come up with the interior: to put benches and a round table, hang a hammock.Under the "roof" can be attached to the original lamp.So you light the building in the dark and will achieve a beautiful visual effect: the light will seep through the branches, gently illuminating the garden.

Do not be afraid to experiment, be patient, and you get a nice, cozy and possibly fruit-bearing, garden furniture.