Flowering perennials and dekorativnolistvennye

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08 May 2016

In this review, the forum will talk about what the plant is not too late to buy in nurseries, garden centers, or in the autumn fission plants from friends, neighbors, collectors to decorate them in your gardens.We will acquaint you with the experience of growing these crops and reviews of them members of the forum.Let's speak about the diversity of species and varieties of themes using one of the most fascinating section of the forum, "flower garden".

One of the most popular flowering perennials gardeners was and remains herbaceous peony.Very large, often fragrant flowers, different colors and shape of a flower, a great joy to fans of abundant bloom and lush garden.Reviews of different varieties of peonies, advice on agricultural and photos from exhibitions can be found in the forum thread of the same name.

Outline peony though and require more care in the Russian climate, than his fellow grassy, ​​but nevertheless, each year a growing number of gardeners who are ready to open the gates of their

gardens this delightful culture.

If you are not sure that they are ready to take responsibility for the care of tree-peony, but the beauty of the form and size of its flowers, delicate foliage captured your heart, then you should look to ITOH-hybrids , who skillfully combine the bestQuality of herbaceous and tree peonies.

Even a fairly harsh climate in Russia with a short and capricious summer, you can ensure your garden continual bloom throughout the summer season.And this will help our forum.

One of the first plants with their delicate flowers start to please us Irises.Spring flowering bulbous irises replaces rhizomatous irises bloom.

skillfully selected different varieties of Astilbe (Astilbe) , you can have paint her garden blooms for 2.5 months.And a variety of plant height, shape, color, density of inflorescences, delicate leaves will give a special decorative your garden.

Phlox has always occupied a special place in the gardens of our growers.For abundant blooms from spring to autumn frosts, they find admirers among gardeners, who share their experiences of their growing on our forum.

flowers of these plants, though delight us with their variety of colors and intricate patterns petals only 1-2 days, but because of the abundance stems, flowering, depending on the variety and care continues to 2-2.5 months.How to do that, you will be able to learn from the theme "Daylilies."

not only plants with beautiful flowers can decorate our garden.Of great importance in the design of the site and have dekorativnolistvennye plants, however, the flowers are also able to please gardeners.

Bees.These plants are good both in the period of abundant flowering in the spring and up to the frost.They decorate their gardens spectacular lanceolate leaves of various combinations of green and white and gray mother of pearl.

If you need to garden decoration plant foliage is decorative throughout the summer season, we recommend that you pay attention to your Heuchera.The diversity of varieties of this plant is usually even more vivid, expressive color of the foliage at a time when nature fades and the garden lacks color.

One of the most popular plants for garden design, a queen among dekorativnolistvennye perennials, can be considered a host.There is, perhaps, a more flexible plant design for the garden plot than the host.She is ready to completely satisfy any requests gardeners in form, color scheme and size raznobraziyu leaf bush.

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