How to feed the rabbits?

By Admin | Garden, Garden
08 May 2016

household's hot, and a good beginning for the newly farmers to breeding rabbits.But before we find out what they eat - you first need to understand what they eat.

If you want to get quality meat, rabbit food should be complete.This is the opinion and the user and experienced farmer Constantine (nick Offline BOS Constantine ): "huge misconception is that because supposedly nothing can get something. I mean,- feed with anything and get dietary meat (income). "

Rabbits are herbivorous animals - in the sense that the grass can become a poison in some cases!The animals are not recommended to give fresh grass, you need to make it for a while to rest in bed.Why is that?It would seem, in their natural habitat rabbits eat only grass and.But in fact, not all vegetation for them edible.If you release a rabbit on the grass, he might get a lunch buttercups, celandine, spurge, aconite, backache, henbane and other plants that animal may be poisoned and die.
One forumchanok (forum name Taskira ) sees in the grass and the sense if you use it as a herbal medicine for various diseases : "alder, oak, willow, willow is good to use as an astringent. Dandelion, burdock, topsfrom carrots, birch, linden - a multivitamin means. Well, wormwood and tansy good use of worms. " Well, most nutritious grass for the rabbits alfalfa is considered - it has a lot of protein.

with fresh herbs, there is another problem: gorged itself juicy food, rabbits are simply starting to become swollen (due to the long and the small intestine).And only in appearance it would seem that they get fat - in fact, it's bloating.Therefore, it is necessary to dry the grass: and the stomach will not hurt, and some of those caught in the poison inedible plants evaporate.

Juicy food must be in the diet, especially in the summer.In addition to the task cope grass quality silage, root crops and cabbage.However, the latter can cause diarrhea, here it is necessary to closely monitor the feces of animals.It can be replaced with other vegetables: beets, carrots (where the same without stereotypes), potatoes (raw potatoes only to give still not recommended).Unless, of course, do not mind the money.

the so-called green fodder is to provide fresh branches of trees.So feel free to feast with zverkovvetkami bushes, oak, maple and birch.In winter, they need to be harvested in the summer, with leaves.

Roughage - hay (a pound per day for an adult rabbit) and dry leaves - the basis of the diet of rabbits, because they are so in need of tissue.But the dominance of hay (or straw here as eared greater love) food necessarily constant presence of water.In the summer of rabbits are used to eating more or less fresh food and winter reluctantly go for hay, you can cheat - sprinkle hay salted water.
Speaking of water: the user (nick Offline Zub ) gives the following advice:
«The cold rabbit have to fluster warm, slightly salted water twice a day, morning and evening.This leads to more weight gain 20% faster than the ones in the winter snow fluster. "But user under the name agronomchk reminiscent of a time when water is not desirable to give: "Corn in the milk-wax ripeness readily eaten by rabbits, but it is rich in carbohydrates, causing fermentation processes in the stomach, so you need to limit access to the rabbitswater. "

can sometimes treat rabbits biscuits.It crackers because fresh bread to give them is not recommended.

There concentrated feed types - this includes all sorts of grain, bran, and waste from the food industry (but it is necessary to give them clean and fresh!).It is believed that the cereal grain will be better assimilated.This is logical, but Constantine sees this rabbit pitfalls: "Finely crushed grain contains dusty parts that fall into the rabbit's nose, forcing him to sneeze constantly lick and" wash ". addition to energy waste is still leadingrise to Renita and stomatitis. "Exit - do coarser.
Do not forget about minerals : salt, chalk, bone meal will not be superfluous to rabbit menu.This is especially true of young and pregnant and lactating females.

balanced diet - it is certainly good.But Constantine thinks that they can make their lives easier by using a proven menu - hay and feed: "Perfect diet - a special feed and hay. If there is no specialized feed, you can use other, but added presscakes, premixes and protein-vitamin supplements. " However, it is believed that if the feed and will be enjoyed by rabbits, you will be profitable.The fact that the composition of feed may contain genetically modified soybeans ... With all facing consequences.

Feeding - not only have to worry about the care of rabbits.Abnormal conditions may adversely affect the health of rodents.Read more about it - see our video.