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07 May 2016

To fill our garden splendor of blooming roses, roses were delivered to us as much joy and a minimum of problems, you should be familiar with the "rose groups (classification)."This will allow you to intelligently approach to agricultural technology chosen for the garden rose varieties, taking into account their biological diversity and decorative.

About Diversity groups and varieties of roses, about what to look for when choosing the "queen of flowers", updates of modern plant breeding detail tells Alexander shot in the video clip "and the choice of varieties of roses" site ForumHouse.TV.

If you have non-burdensome care of plants is important, however, than its beauty, it is recommended to draw your attention to the "wild rose" and "garden roses."

To decorate arches, pergolas, arbors, supports under vines suitable "Climbing roses."If you prefer a compact shape of the plant, decorating pots, the area around the rest areas, the theme of "Rose Spray, patio, miniature roses" will help you choose those v

arieties that will satisfy your requirements.

theme "Hybrid Tea Rose" will meet with cultural practices and varieties to choose those who remained an admirer of the group that played a huge role in the selection of many modern varieties of roses.

Now consider the main foreign breeders and suppliers of roses in the Russian market.

unfailing love gardeners use " Frenchwoman (Meilland, Delbard etc.)." theme " German roses. Reviews grades " will help you learn about such kennels as Tantau and Kordes.

Pro popularity in recent years, "Rose David Austin (" ostinki ")" You can read in the eponymous theme.On the other English roses nurseries will introduce you to the theme of "Roses Fryer & amp; & amp; 񖔃s, Harkness, C & amp; K Jones".

"Canadian Rose" Recently, too, are very popular among Russian gardeners.

With an interesting experience of growing own-rooted roses in the open ground in the middle of Russia can be found in the theme of "Potted roses (non-grafted thumbnails Kordan)"

selected varieties of roses.Now, prior to purchase, left to explore, "Reviews of varieties of roses."

Spring - time to buy roses in anticipation of the opening of the summer season.Autumn - a busy time when gardeners are choosing and ordering ayut these wonderful plants in the spring of next season.It remains only to get acquainted with garden centers and nurseries, where you can buy high-quality and certified planting material.To do this is to look at the topic " Where we buy roses ".

Even the garden center with a good reputation can disappoint us able to sell the goods.To please you bought your roses blooming and vital resistance, do not forget to look at "How to choose the right seedling roses."

protracted winter this year have confused many gardeners cards, rely on

early planting pre-ordered and purchased plants.We can only guess kakiesyurprizy predpodnesёt us next spring.But here, the forum will come to your aid.In the topic "How to keep roses purchased before boarding the OG" You will find answers to your questions.

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