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By Admin | Landscape
19 May 2016
In the beginning was the word ..
other words - you first need to identify the words that you want to have on your site?

It's not as simple a question as it might seem at first glance.

place to relax ....
What time of year?Year round or just the summer season?
for permanent living family ... How many people ... What are the wishes of everyone ...

agree that for a young family who go out of the city once a week a barbecue with friends and family for a lot of several generations who practically live in the country, the requirementsto a site different ..

So, try as much as possible to describe in detail the words land of their dreams.(Hereinafter, highlighted in red the tasks that it is important to perform when creating a landscape project)

How many people will be there to visit, what time, what they will do, how many guests usually arrive at the station, which needs every member of this familysite.

For example, my mother needed -ovoschi garden, herbs, fruit garden.Father - a garage for cars
, small workshop., Youth barbecue with gazebo and playground for ball games, kids playground and a pond, etc ...What it will be described in more detail section of your dreams, the better.Let it appear the most incredible and not even compatible with each other offer, it's a dream!Be creative daring!


The survey of family members in our hands there is a mosaic of diverse wishes for the future of the garden-dreams.Try every wish to separate name.For example,
  • floral lawn
  • pond
  • woods "horror»
  • parking lot
Among these requests, of course, are quite traditional - garage, sauna, parking lot or garage, children's playground, garden andIt may be only your personally.All of them in landscape design called functional zones.

The secret is that the larger the area of ​​these zones, the more interesting the whole plot.After all, it can be so much where to go!And do not fret if a small portion.

Later I will tell you how to play with space and create the illusion of more space in the small and vice versa.

The second secret is that your personal (= none of the neighbors, this is not!) Functional areas were also more or less the same all major areas disguised as your personal, individual, and anyone not related.

not clear?

Task competent landscaper is that the site was a convenient, functional, and (of course!) Individual.We need to create such a project, so it was not like as 2 drops of water on the plot neighbor.

Let the areas growing the same trees, shrubs and flowers, but the site of the landscape designer will look holistic, interesting, fascinating because it is integrated in a common thought, one what that meaning, motive and this is reflected and felt in all.

For example, the theme - the sea
As the area to emphasize the theme of the sea?

Patio (patio) -paluba: boardwalk poles with ropes around the perimeter, flagpole, other details.Tracks - sea pebbles and sand.

«Round" window on sarayke and garage, a rope ladder ... Simulation sailing on the playground ...

Swings in the form of a boat, bridge over a stream with the steering wheel ... etc.The predominance of the color white, blue and blue.

brings to the project a lot of details with a maritime theme, make up, fantasize

Believe me it is very exciting work, which can connect the whole family!

such ideas, uniting the entire plot, a great many.The problem is only that to choose what is most appropriate for your family.

P.S.I just want to add that the overriding objective of comprehension is
landscape designer, and at the same time one of the most difficult.Designer person who comes into the family from outside.It is difficult to understand the family traditions, habits, preferences of the family than a person "from within".

So the one who is starting to make such a project for his family, has a significant advantage