Calendar gardener-gardener - March

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07 May 2016

approaching the first day of spring and the first spring in the garden and in the garden.If you do not know what to do in March at his dacha, we will help.

Whitewashing trees

Such care for the trees need to get done before the snow melts, only whitewash will "work": to protect the bark from the negative effects of the sun, from the insects and fungal diseases.Later whitewashing is purely decorative.But!It is not necessary to whiten young trees with smooth bark, it only hurt them.The pores on the bark clogged, leading to slower gas exchange, and the tree will grow worse.

deal with snow

large amounts of snow from the lower branches of saplings and young fruit trees can vmerznut in the crust and the crust when settling break.Therefore, the present need to destroy the fork or sprinkle it with a thin layer of peat or ash.

It is advisable to number the snow from all the ditches (to drain melt water), as well as to move the snow out of residential homes and other buildings.And shake the sno

w from the branches of trees (and apple, cherry and plum crop).

recall about cuttings

We even show you where the snow you can do - is closer to the northern part of the building to store it slips pears, apples, currants, plums.The shoulder of the snow usually put the cuttings to be used for breeding or pereprivivki.

snow on top of the shoulder, you can pour a small layer of sawdust.

the way, is not too late even for cooking currant cuttings for spring planting.

also want to prepare the ashes, compost, manure, as well as to purchase fertilizers and pesticides.And refurbished inventory.And here you are fully prepared meet the arrival of spring!