Preparing the garden for the winter

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07 May 2016

As much as we may be sad, and all hope for the return of heat, even in the form of "Indian summer", lost forever!And still recognize only one fall said their rights to full and unconditional ownership of the situation on our sites and in the gardens.So, resigned to the rapid onset of cold weather, we will prepare the garden for winter.

To begin with, it is advisable to pay attention to the "mainstream" topics of the forum, of which you and I know what is necessary to "Autumn in the garden" to "prepare the garden for winter."Additionally, some methods of "Preparing the garden for winter," we tell a specialist agricultural company "Sadko" Elena Sedova.

Is it necessary to remove fallen leaves from our lawns, flower beds and under trees.Is this procedure only action aimed at preserving the aesthetic appeal of the garden, or have a sense of hygiene and removal of fallen leaves, we know you from the theme "Clean up any fallen leaves from the trees?".

best done when the whitewash trunks of fruit trees:

the fall or spring?At what age is allowed to whiten seedling sapling?The trees can be replaced by whitewash in the absence of the conditions for their processing in the fall.Take a look at the theme of "Whitewashing trees" and "alternative whitewashing trunks."In them you will certainly find answers to their questions.

nature of Central Russia, Siberia and the Far East in its own way very beautiful, but it can not boast of bright colors, so we engage in our gardens pretty sissies, whose beauty has successfully encouraged residents of more southern latitudes.But in our conditions, the content of these handsome men and beautiful women requires their shelter in the winter cold.Save our garden until next year will help us to the theme of "covering material. What and how sheltering for the winter?"

Sometimes it is on sale in the fall there are interesting species and varieties of our trees and shrubs.Yes, and garden centers in the run-up to the late autumn offer attractive discounts.What to do?Wait until spring or you can afford to buy a desired plant?Perhaps the topic " Planting. In the fall or spring? " will help you to come to the right decision.

If the past season you have made the acquisition, inviting a new lodger in your garden, you need to think about how to create comfortable conditions for new settlers to survive, perhaps the first winter of his life.In the topic "Does insulate plants?"Experienced gardeners Forum will share with you my observations and best practices.

Typically, spring a lot of work in the garden.Plus, it delivers additional efforts to preserve the landing came commissioned by ornamental shrubs and perennials.If this still need to take care of seedlings and vegetable seedlings ornamental plants, it is time to rejoice the approaching holiday season, do not remain.To free yourself from unnecessary work on the cultivation of seedlings, pay attention to the theme "Seeding" before winter. '"

And now move on to a discussion of conservation in the gardens of one of the most spectacular and expensive to our heart inhabitants.Whose beauty and well-groomed appearance is often the result of many years of effort.It lawn, roses and conifers.

queen of flowers, the queen of the garden - these titles no one even dares to dispute the favorite of many gardeners - a rose.But as far as this noble creature, just as she and capricious.Providing treatment rose autumn and competent shelter for the winter, you warrant rose leadership in your garden for the whole year.For more details, check out the theme "Preparing the roses for the winter."

How to protect conifers from scorching spring and winter vyprevaniya as to ensure that the winter snow did not violate the integrity of the spherical arborvitae or junipers.How to preserve the beauty of our conifers us tell Elena Sedova in the video, "Preparing for winter conifers."

He - the pride of any garden.They are passionate about everything: both women and men.Once captured the hearts of a gardener, he does not leave him ever.Of course, we are talking about the lawn!And if the rose - the queen of gardens, the lawn - the true king of the garden.If it lives in your garden, beautiful, neat and pleasing velvety emerald green you can safely say that you are the owner of a well-tended garden.But it is important to preserve the appearance of the lawn, which is why you can not hurt to look into the theme "How to prepare your lawn for winter?" To get acquainted with complex technical measures in the autumn lawn care.

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