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21 April 2016
in late October - early November, comes the glorious time of cabbage.Each kitchen banging knives to crumble cabbage shredder into thin slices white, rubs the carrot, cut apples, cranberries is measured.Cabbage kvass, salted, pickled, make salads and Mexican Ukrainian "pelyustochki."Add the beets, ginger, cumin, fennel seeds.
Hibernate without cabbage - this is somehow funny and even suspicious.We have collected for you the best recipes and various unscientific, but effective rules fermented from users forumhouse.ru.
blanks are suitable only for matured cabbage.If cabbage is dark green, it means that it is not ripe;and its leaves - dry and bitter.Nothing of this delicious cabbage fail.If you buy a cabbage for pickling, pay attention to the stem: on the cut rings are dark spots - inside certainly rot or black leaves.
If you grow your own sprouts, keep in mind that it is best to cut it after the first weak frosts to -3 degrees.Although it can withstand lower temperatures, even down to -10.
So we take for salting:
- cabbage middle or late ripening with tender, succulent leaves,
- juicy, sugar cabbages almost white,
- preferably a variety of local selection: Glory in Siberia- blizzard, Florin and final.
Unlike pickled, sauerkraut is not always possible: it is "snotty", then gray, then soft.The best, bright and crisp cabbage obtained if its salt on the fifth or sixth day after the new moon, and only male days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday).Perhaps this is unscientific, but users forumhouse.ru follow this rule and it works.Participant forumhouse.ru pingivn says: « To cabbage hrrrrrustela, brew it only in the days of the week, in which there is a letter rrrrrrr: vtorrrrnik, srrrreda, chetverrrrrg, voskrrrresene.Never sign this did not bring ».
Sauerkraut, crisp
Here is a very simple way of sauerkraut new posts apolehka :
per liter of hot water to dissolve 100 grams of salt and 1 tablespoonspoonful of sugar.Separately, finely shredded cabbage (for 3-liter jar).Do not knead!Grate the carrots on a grater, mix with cabbage.Take two handfuls of cabbage, dipped in the solution, gently squeeze and put into a clean jar.We need to just wet cabbage.Packed, stamped, top poured the juice that was left.For three days leave, we pierce the entire depth of the banks, and then in the refrigerator.
spicy cabbage
IgorM makes the cabbage very pretty sharp little snack.Here is her recipe:
1 head (about 2 kg) chop, for salting.Grate 1 medium carrot on a coarse grater, throw in the cabbage.Grate 1 medium beet (good bluish tint) on a coarse grater, too, lose the cabbage.
Crush chesnokodavkoy 5-7 cloves of garlic, throw in the cabbage.Pour 1 cup sugar and 2 tablespoons of salt, stir.Do not push!
united in one capacity 0.5 cups of sunflower oil (unscented), and 1 cup 9% vinegar.Boil and pour in the hot vegetables.
Put oppression and leave at room temperature for a day.
Cabbage ready.Eat and remove the leftovers in the fridge, if they ...
Cabbage Pelyustka
Members Active Paul T .I learned this recipe from my wife, who was born in the south of Russia.For the accuracy of the names he can not guarantee, but assures that it is the best snack to strong drink.
Pelyustka perfect turns in oak vats - the second time it has the aroma reveals the news.But we can take another container of 20 liters.Based on this capacity:
Ingredients : cabbage cultivar "Glory" or "Blizzard" (cabbage desirable smaller), beet - about a kilogram, a large celery root, a pod of hot pepper or two (depending on size)Three heads of garlic, two bay fox, black pepper, cloves, three or four pieces.
Clean the celery and cut into thin slices, divide into two parts (one part is in the tub, the other - in the marinade), clean the garlic and hot pepper (release the seeds and cut into slices), clean the beets and cut into slices, preparecabbage, cutting it into quarters.Vertically stacked layers and tightly (large segments - in lower layers), each layer shift the celery, beets, garlic, pepper and spices.
Marinade: 6 liters of water, salt (large) at the rate tablespoon per liter without the slides, half of sliced ​​celery.Marinade boil for 10-15 minutes, take out with a slotted spoon celery and pour the warm cabbage pickle!We leave in a warm 2-3 days prior to the intensive fermentation, and then drop into the cellar.Cabbage ready in 40 days (but few who can doterpet before that date, there usually begin two to three weeks).
cabbage, pickled cabbage heads
Enata also leavens the cabbage in a barrel, but the whole of heads, as did her grandmother.For this method, it is necessary to take the cabbage of medium and late varieties, with thick, elastic Kocani.Before salting barrel filled with water and leave for a few days to tablets swell and left gaps.
Ingredients: choose not very large heads of cabbage, with a diameter of about about 15 cm clear of the upper leaves, cobs incision crosswise.You can add the beets, then the cabbage will be pink.For every 10-15 kilograms of cabbage - a kilo chopped beets.Beets with own garden can be a good wash and cut straight from the peel.
Brine : per liter of water - 5 tablespoons of salt.
Cabbage placed in the barrel, pour brine (it should completely cover the cabbage), for a week put in the heat, and then descend into the cellar.On top lay a wooden club is less than the diameter of the drums to drown on it - clean, scalded with boiling water or other Cobble oppression.
Once a week, the contents of the barrel pierce stick to the gases.Different varieties of cabbage require different amounts of salt, so two weeks after sinking into the cellar, try the brine.It should not be too salty or salted insufficiently - if necessary, add water or salt.Cabbage will not be ready before December, or even in January.
- Eat a cabbage until the end of June.Especially love the pink with beetroot.By the way, in January and the brine becomes good, especially if you have no appetite, or after yesterday, with nausea.In general, it is necessary to fill the hand, so learn better in a small barrel.In an enamel tank - too anything.
Cabbage - shtakovanka
The barrel can be booze and shredded cabbage, it is called "shatkovanka."For shatkovanki suit and huge heads of cabbage, but only late varieties.The upper, green leaves, too, must be removed.
five to seven kilograms of cabbage - about a cup (200 g), can be a little less, carrots, grated on a coarse grater, a tablespoon fennel seeds.Cabbage chopped by hand or cut into very large straw - Harvester's not like.Stumpy not shinkuem.All mixed hands, being careful not to crush much everything to be evenly distributed and placed in bochechku 10 liters.
Brine: per liter of water - one tablespoon of fine salt and one tablespoon plus one dessert, if G major.Pour so that the cabbage was covered.
- top process is the same: gauze circle oppression.Highly dense not to stamp.In a warm place for three days, every day for three to four times the puncture to the bottom in several places for the waste gases of fermentation.Then - in the cellar, but is still a week to go poke.After 10 days you can start there.Usually we first until January so eat and then start Headed.I try never to make sour on Monday or if a bad mood or feeling, and not before 14 October.Not bad even sing.According to my observations - better days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.
cabbage with garlic
Zapolehka makes the cabbage in a three-liter jar, kept in the refrigerator and says "do not pull the ears - that's for sure."
On the three-liter jar:
Two kilograms of cabbage chop, five medium carrots rubbed on a grater, five cloves of garlic, passed through the masher.Garlic should not be imported - after pouring the marinade over it is green, a very unpleasant color.
All mix (do not knead).
Marinade : a liter of water, 0.5 cups of oil, odorless, 0.5 cups of sugar, two tablespoons of salt.All the boil, then turn off add a tablespoon of vinegar.
cabbage folded in a jar (can be more tightly, but not too), pour the marinade, when cool - in the refrigerator.
- First Bank we departs for three-four days.The family of three people, and fanaticism cabbage nobody likes.The second can stay longer, if the guests do not descend.And cabbage can be months .
How to keep the cabbage fresh until the spring, read here and here.And on this page you will find a beautiful video, which tells the story of a professional breeder breeding and farming techniques cabbage.