Planting petunias!

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06 May 2016

Undoubtedly, petunia - one of the leaders on the discussions is not surprising, because these flowers with the right approach to their cultivation can please all the bright colors of summer.Well, now is the time of sowing.

what to plant?Choosing varieties and buy seeds

In all variety of petunias will help you understand the topic of our forum.We only note that the petunias are sectional, hang-downing and cascading.When you purchase is necessary to understand what the result is needed: the flowers hanging from the pot were neat bushes or closed all its beauty flowerbed.Consultant forumhouse. ru Olga Mokhova (nick Offline Lobelia ): « grow and cascade, and hang-downing, and did not notice much of a difference except that petunias hang-downing more flexible stems (ie itlittle growing up) and she will "becomes" Ampelio in the usual word. » But there are negative: a hang-downing petunia thermophilic and demanding to moisture, so it is difficult to achieve such a result," as in

the picture ", and lashes grow significantlykoroche.Kaskadnuyu petunia Olga advises safely planted in the ground: it is and it will remain a "cascade".

general on a bed of petunias all look good, but there is a gradation: the larger the flower, the more quickly it will lose decorative.

It is important not to lose with the purchase of seeds .Summer Resident Olga Kartavenkova (nick Offline yoursangel ) believes that the buy quality seeds of petunias complicated: «Good petunia seeds driven here from abroad, and supply has not yet been established.So if you want to get a nice Ampelio, you need not search for seeds in stores. » Olga advised to contact the online stores, as well as buying petunia gardeners.Good seeds should be granulated, packaged in flasks and, of course, they are not worth 5-10 rubles, and 50-150.True, Olga Mokhova would not be so clear to prefer pelleted seeds: « seed in the granules need special care: Do not allow drying the granules, and they germinate for 2-3 days later, not granular, and ifcaught weak seeds, then generally there is a risk that they will not germinate. »

when to plant?

said that ampelnye petunia is better to plant in mid-February, and the bush - in March.There is another difficulty - in February light for proper growth is clearly not enough, so you need to cook light. Olga Mokhova while noting: « in practice, unfortunately, have to dosvechivat plant until mid-April.Petunia light-requiring, and from a lack of light is strongly pulled. »

Subsequently, when planting into the soil the plants are broken and yellow, and long accustomed to the new environment that pushes bloom.

But we must bear in mind that February is wont seedlings grow quickly under good conditions, and such seedlings suffer from illnesses and often breaks.Therefore, it makes sense to wait with planting until early March.And you can do petunia plant towards the end of March (in the 20s) with planting of seedlings obtained directly into the garden.

Where to plant?Choose ground

Olga Kartavenkova believes that seed suitable lightweight, not very nutritious soil, such as peat tablet.In this first month of the plant can be fed, but not necessarily.

In March and April the best petunia feed nitrogen, but when the flowers appear to feed more suitable potassium - the key to a bright beautiful bloom.The main thing is not to overdo it - you can burn the plant.

Olga Mokhova adds land for petunias ash, perlite, potassium sulfate as a fertilizer, and certainly puts drainage (concrete block).Of course, some of this may seem cumbersome, but remember: professional ground does not guarantee a successful shoot seeds.The soil should be sifted (for extracting organic residues), sterilized with hot water or cast a wide spectrum fungicide deystviya.Polzovatel forumhouse. ru (nick Offline Pucha ) prefers to petunias ground "cactus»: «it is a neutral, not much water retention, which virtually eliminates all kinds of decay and damping-off, and not very" fat ", which definitely likeshoots at first. »

are waiting for germination

Grow petunia is not too difficult, the main thing to watch for light and warmth.Earth after planting seeds in her need to cover with foil and place in a warm place (because, of course, the shoots will appear faster).Completely free films can do only have fully formed plants with two or three leaves.Before this can be slightly lifts the film or make holes in it, increasing the growth of seedlings.The main thing - to balance supply and lighting, as well as to monitor, not whether ill petunia blackleg.It is also dangerous for the baby mites.Learn more about diseases of petunias - in this thread.

What if the plant does not want to appear? Olga Kartavenkova found an interesting recipe: « If seeds do not germinate more than 1 week, you can perform the following manipulations: making sure that the earth is moistened enough, put a flat dish in the refrigerator for a few hours, then transfer it to a warm place, such ason battery, also for a few hours, and then at the usual place before emergence. »

Should I pinch petunia?At first, it does not need such a small plant.Moreover, petunias topping up to 5 cm. In height can harm: it stops the growth of the flower.

Must see video of petunias - it briefly describe all the stages of cultivation and plant care.

hope that all your seeds germinate, and after a month of petunias will be ready to further swordplay.Let blooming garden pleases you the whole summer!