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06 May 2016

That ended the summer.And so you want to continue beauty green flower garden.And the flower quench your "hunger" in a long, many months of waiting for the awakening of nature from the winter sleep?There is an exit.It is the creation of a small winter garden at home."It is difficult" - you say.Not at all!After a winter garden may take only the window sill only one of the rooms of your apartment.And it can become a real decoration of the country house, covering an area of ​​the attic, the former balcony or a separate annex.The main thing is the desire and the decision to surround himself with a piece of nature, despite the unfriendly weather outside your home.And our survey will tell you how best to do it.

Let's get started!To start think about how best to approach the organization of the Winter Garden.What you need to take as a reference point in the regeneration of green spaces for the future of your home area.How to organize the lighting, heating, humidification of the room.His experience and kno

wledge for the conversion of the balcony into the garden of a country house in the video "The device of the winter garden. Equilibrium" share a landscape designer and agronomist Elena Sedova.

Well, everything is ready.It remains only to fill the room with plants that transform a common room of our house in a wonderful garden.On the "Winter Garden. Selection of plants", depending on the lighting, arrangement of heating devices, small water bodies that support the humidity, tells us, "is the familiar regulars sections Garden / Garden and Landscape ForumHouse.TV Elena Sedova.

Even ideal conditions plantsin an apartment or house does not guarantee the health of our pets. Unfortunately, these conditions may be ideal for breeding and plant pests and diseases spread indoors. And then you come to the aid of the theme "Pests and diseases of indoor plants"

Let's talk aboutthe most common and favorite among the fans of indoor plants and flowers. And we start our story with dekorativnolistvennye plants. Luxury monstera. adorn its huge carved leaves our living rooms and conservatories, curly Epipremnum and philodendron leaves to amaze with their motley " Dieffenbach " - all these plantscombined into a single view " Araceae (Araceae) ", about which we'll talk to them in a specially dedicated theme.

very difficult to find even one grower who has not tried to grow plants at home, reminiscent of the sun, the sea, the beauty of southern latitudes, ie, "palm (Arecaceae)".About grown from the seeds of the date palm, coconut, and popular hamedorei hamerops you can find reviews on the forum.

Another ornament of our gardens can easily serve as a plant that many confuse with palm trees, however, why not, because they are its size and modern shape can replace large trees in a small apartment or a conservatory.And in this case it's about "Bokarnee (Nolin) dratsenu, kordilina and Jukka".

Well, what kind of garden without flowering plants.In recent years, are extremely popular most graceful " Orchids - diamonds in the ocean colors ".On the cultivation of these fascinating and tender plants you can read not only in the forum, but also to get acquainted with the video " Orchids. Buying, uhod.peresadka ".

"Gesneriaceae (Gesneriaceae) - Violet uzumbarskiye, gloxinia, kolumneya, Streptocarpus" extremely popular plant on the windowsill not only modern apartments and conservatories, but our grandmothers.Diversity is difficult to find a description of violets.These plants are popular and those that do not require a lot of space to grow, and enchant its admirers delightful colors and shapes of flowers and quite simple reproduction.Read more about "violets. Nursing, reproduction and propagation by cuttings" You can learn from the video on ForumHouse.TV.

"Pelargonium or Geranium" is devoted to another topic in our forum.Vibrant, diverse flowers make us happy, not only in our garden in the summer months, but also in our homes in the winter.About "Pelargoniums. Care and breeding," we tell Irina Safronova, an agronomist of "Belaya Dacha. Flowers"

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