"Universal Soldier".

By Admin | The Hands
20 April 2016

With the construction of the house is very often necessary to lead a dozen bags of cement, a few packs of insulation, boards or just bought gasoline generator.Although such goods - is not the foundation blocks and slabs basement, which require a truck, however, they were not on the passenger car povezёsh.Of course, you can order a delivery, but what if assumed to be constant at the next purchase of the construction market?Any prudent developer inevitably wonder: is it possible to save money?

In this situation, the rescue of any samostroyschiku come true universal soldier - Caravan.It remains only to buy it.Although, judging by the experience of users forumhouse.ru, often the best option - to make yourself.This is what our forumchanin from Canada!


- Anyone who lives in a private house, is well aware that the road trailer facilitates maintenance subsistence farming.So I decided to buy it.

However, a cursory examination of the samples exhibited in the store disappointed forumchanin.Al

l the trailers have appeared expensive and, in his opinion, not strong enough.Therefore Roracotta decided to make the trailer alone.For this he bought metal pipe welding machine, a protective mask, electrodes.And it boil!

to the trailer frame forumchanin chose rectangular tube section 50h75 mm 25h50 mm and 25x25 mm.For top binding beads used area 30x30 mm.


- The house under a canopy, I made a makeshift studio.As the stocks exposed to goats.The rafters of the roof unit set for lifting the trailer frame.Looking ahead, I can say that one of the main instruments became Cut machine for metal.

Jumpers floor trailer welded pipe from 25h50 mm.In the manufacture of the frame tube went 50h75 mm.As shown, the cross-section of the pipe is even excessive for the manufacture of a small trailer.For example, a trailer designed to carry the load of 1.5 tonnes, used for the frame tube 38h75mm.But since Roracotta wanted to save, then had to take a metal with hand and only this size.

After welding, the frame is welded to it, "pole", and for lifting heavy construction crane used improvised from the block.


- Block roof overhang great help turn the next trailer and fix it in the correct position for welding.

After provarkoy joints need to clean up their special "stone".

After welding the frame cut the rack at the side of the trailer.The size of the square tube 25x25 mm.To rack looked carefully, one side of the pipe must be cut on an angle of 45 degrees and bend the metal.

Despite the fact that almost all parts were made for the trailer alone, some parts forumchanin still decided to buy.


- Near I have a company that sells trailers and trailers.There you can order any axis of any size and for any load.Make one day.The axis attached everything you need for mounting axle to the frame - bolts, "earring", "ears" nuts for wheels.

kit, including all taxes and a certificate worth $ 180.After obvarki whole structure, proceeded to the calculation of DIY attachment points main backstage springs.It should adhere to such rules:

Center trailer axle trailer shared by 60% of its length at the front and 40% - behind.The center of mass of the trailer should be shifted closer to the hitch, and it should always be a positive impact load.


- then setting the axis of assembly on the already welded base and find a place in the rear swinging scenes.She also carefully and be sure to scald reinforcement plates from the corners, "tongue" - the bottom.

Further on, on all sides stand welded pipe section 25x25 mm.They are necessary for mounting the tension elastics fixing cargo.

interesting feature - in Canada, you can not use wheels or tires of a conventional car.Only special trailer.In the case of non-compliance with this rule, the police may issue a fine of $ 250 per wheel.


- Each wheel disc cost me $ 98.

wings trailer used for metal plates.The frame of the trailer is painted with black paint, and the electrician stoplights held in the corrugated pipe.

to the inner liner of the trailer forumchanin used impregnated board 16h140 mm.Impregnated wood - a board, impregnated under pressure Bioprotective means.This board does not rot and is not afraid of water.

So Worth It?


- Trailer me has managed in $ 680.In the store, the same size and load capacity trailer, only less robust, cost about $ 1300-1450.And for the registration and reception rooms must still pay $ 75.Total - $ 755.

Many members of the forum can be asked and how the registration of such a self-made designs?And as far as this procedure is laborious?


- In Canada, all homemade trailers must undergo a mandatory inspection by a certified mechanic and get permission to register.It was only after payment of a fee is issued a registration number.

detailed and vivid story forumchanin the construction of the trailer is available in this topic in our forum.If the construction of the house you need a tap, from this article, you'll learn how to do it.As the trailer out of the ordinary to make a trailer workshop forumhouse.ru users can be found here.And in this video describes the useful homemade products to simplify the work in the country.