How to protect poultry from predators?

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05 May 2016

last month of autumn, trees and almost dropped his colorful outfit.But it served as a good shelter from the vultures and falcons.Yes, and the first frosts, and with them - hunger will soon be driven to shelter a person not less greedy for poultry Guests martens, weasels, foxes.In winter, some of them settled in the vicinity of the house, the hayloft, in barns or directly to the attic.How to protect domestic birds?His experience sharing forum users.


Many gardeners claim that good helpers in the fight against predators - vegetable pugalki.Yes - do not panic!As it turned out, even on huge stuffed hawk with wigs and other uninvited guests will soon cease to pay attention.

Validating advised to try ... balloons.Hang a few pieces on the pegs, rope or fence and periodically change their location.They say that birds are afraid of prying eyes.So do not forget to draw on balls.Simulate look more "tough" predator can and using the old CD-ROM drive.On one level, hang two pieces so that they rotate free

ly.Scary and sparkling "eyes" not only deter hawks, crows and jackdaws with.

banishes vacationers hawks and bright rags attached to stakes, and colored packages, tied for hands to the scarecrow.They say that - effectively.So much so that in the evening and the owners themselves in perfect heel leaves.

more modern means - electronic lamp-deterrent system with motion sensor.It is better to install the back or side of the house - where people do not go.When approaching a fox or a ferret will shine and the unit beeps.Predators will have no choice but to retire.


According to members of the forum, to begin the fight against predators chetverolapymi needed at the stage of construction of the structure, such as a chicken coop or rabbitry.What is meant?First of all, use the "inedible" materials such as mineral wool as insulation.The floor and wall constructions should not be gaps.If there is a rotten plank, replace them with new ones.

partly to get rid of predators and rodents will help the coop mounted on poles (about a meter in height), and not on the ground.Cover the floor planks.Even better obbit its iron as bottom wall.Save the bird from extinction thick concrete floor, filled with crushed glass.If the walls of the chicken coop - adobe, they must done using a fine-mesh metal grid.

She needed a place to protect and walking birds - not just on the perimeter, but also from above.It is at the same time save your garden from curious chickens and geese.Grid dug to a depth of bayonet spade.Around the house and walking areas can put large or flat stones like tile tracks 30x30.It does not allow animals to dig just below the grid.

Around the house there should be shelters, which can escape predators.And therefore an empty box, a pile of branches, boards, not place on the site.

Most likely, you can not do without the home defenders like dogs or cats - if they do not covet to chickens or a larger bird.With ducks and geese they can settle without fear - these pugnacious birds baleen-striped themselves feared.As, however, and birds of prey.

Goose - excellent guard bird with very sensitive sleep.If they hear the approach of the intruder, then raise such a stir that the predator lost all desire to go into the house.In addition, adult geese are strong enough and can repel smaller predators (vultures, crows, rats, etc.).These guards have one important advantage over dogs - they do not need to be fed meat.Geese can settle with the chickens.In this case, under the roost make flooring that chickens do not gadili geese.

well guarded poultry and turkey.Hardly feathered predator hangs over the yard, it will emit an alarm.Pet birds at once will hide in a barn or under a canopy.Validating argue that even a turkey attacking winged thief, hardly will fall down to grab prey.

Finally, another tool that you can experience - evergreen trees near the house instead of hardwood.They will become all-season shelter for your birds.

punish or pardon?

believed that one day opening a new feeding territory for the first time by stealing a chicken, a fox will return there again and again.While there will be no chicken, no geese, no eggs.This animal is a pleasure to direct a stir in the house, but because it can kill several birds just for fun, and to take only one.

From foxes can try to protect the hen house dog, but the red-haired beast is so cunning and agile, which can cheat and pet and hunter.In this case, we are convinced vacationers help semolina fox.Not to watch the beast all week, it attracted special sound signals that mimic the cry of a wounded hare, a mouse squeak, etc.Considered the best electronic sound simulators that reproduce more than 200 different sounds at a distance of four kilometers.

most readily fox goes to decoy during her evening activity - from four to nine in the evening.

Some forum users believe that by hawkish save only one thing - a gun.Proponents of this method should take into account a few things.If you destroy the hawks will Voronov that season will bring a lot of chicks.And not only do they steal chickens, but also devastate the garden.It is expected and the appearance of rodents, which also hunting hawk.Unlike the latter, the crows and rodents - carriers of infections.

and remember that birds of prey are protected by law, and shooting in the settlements is punishable!

One effective method - to catch the animal using a trap.They are installed in places where predators can appear (in attics around poultry houses) and camouflage foliage, snow, etc.

not place traps, if you have pets - they can also get to it!

In defense of weasels and martens is to say that they kill rodents faster and more efficiently than males.It is believed that he settled in the house, these animals not only you from the rats and mice get rid of, but will not attack the host chicken.Allegedly, they will hunt in the neighboring houses - where the coop is poorly protected.So, perhaps, a weasel or a marten in your home - it's not so bad?Of course, if the neighbors do not know who you are sheltered.:)