From lamp to the mixer: the new life of an old washing machine

By Admin | The Hands
20 April 2016
Once she washes stubborn stains, giving freshness and purity of your favorite things.The very heat water, divorce soap solution and hours worked over the pants, blouses, tablecloths and bed linen.I worked for wear when the house appeared kid was indispensable au pair.
But then you begin to notice how she is getting older - she could not, as before, silent spin the drum, and to do it with noise and screeching, began to leak and eventually stopped forever.She was sent to the loggia wait for the movers, and it could bring many more benefits.
And if you also store the old washing machine, you will certainly come in handy advice of our members of the forum on how to give her a second life.
1. Grill, grill, smokehouse
No house or cottage can not do without the cozy get-togethers for the barbecue.Because of an old washing machine drum can get a great BBQ grill, stand proved or home smokehouse.Thanks to the steel body, this item is not afraid of hot coals and flame.
Members Active BeerZip knows how to turn a washing drum in the grill.
BeerZip :
- do this: cut out the bottom segment (if the example of the dial, somewhere between 17 and 19 hours).The end cap (where the bearing fixing) is a hole where the motor is inserted by twirling a gas stove or any other suitable (you can buy household goods).The tank is placed on the coals, the chicken is placed on a skewer, included motor - and 40 minutes ruddy tasty chicken is ready.
But member of our forum Sgres the country prefers to cook pilaf.From an old drum machine he built the stand for heavy proved.
Members Active Tulyak1 adapted under the cauldron discarded Soviet neighbor washing machine.The tank and the body he cut holes for the wood ash and bookmarks, as well as pipes.Grate and mount the door.All his expenses - 40 rubles for loops for doors.Here's what happened:
Another version of the application of an old washing machine - to remake it in the smokehouse, as did Gameday elf and colobus .One of smokehouses was arranged as follows: at the bottom of the tank by the Soviet machine was installed burner from the appliance, it housed an old pan with aspen wood chips, top - a grid with food and cover for smoking.Another smoker burners instead was equipped with a fireplace and chimney.
If desired, the drum of the washing machine, you can make barbecue.According to members of the forum, a homemade machine much more durable and unique store burns due to large thickness steel.
2. Dispenser, outside shower and a water tank in the bath
old washing machine will continue to be on guard purity, if you make out of it a summer shower, under which so nice to soak up the sultryday after work in the beds. To get a shower for 60 liters of water, the participant Tower_j joined by two Soviet tank washing machines.For this, he snapped at the bottom of the tank and inserted firmly in the other, having increased the height of the walls.Validating support for the tank welded from pieces of rebar.And in order to better sun heats the water tank walls covered with black paint.
also old tank of the washing machine can be easily converted into a vanity.
But forumchanin usef made from the tank water heater.
- Slightly increased the hole in the tank and put back ten with temperature control, tapped on the drain tube and screw the valve.
3. Mixer

If you plan to pour on the site or make a track foundation for the fence, you will be hard to do without a mixer.But if you do not deploy a full-scale construction site, not cheap to buy equipment in the store to use it once, it does not make sense.
Homemade homepage mixer - both manual and electric, can be drawn from the housing moribund washing machine.To this old, located at the bottom of the activator must be replaced by the shaft of a suitable size, and inside the tank bolted metal brackets rotated with symmetrical lobes.And, of course, provide the unit with metal frame with wheels.
4. Garden Wagon
Our forum users are tricky on an invention.Member alemurov tells how to make the body of the washing machine garden wheelbarrow.
- One wheel is mounted on the front ends of the two handles.Rear - stop.Simple but good.
5. Flowerpot
Buck old washing machine can become an ornament to your garden, if you turn it into an original vase for flowers.Participant our forum Mila47 gave Baku from machine-gun texture of using the foam, then painted it and covered it with three coats of varnish Yachting.That's what she got:
According to new posts, pot safely wintered outdoors without losing a drop of attractiveness.
to tulips, daffodils and lilies are not affected by the rodent dug from the tank washing machine in the ground and plant the bulbs in it.Thanks to the perforation, the moisture will not stay in the tank and will go into the ground.
6. Home Furniture
Lebanese Designers studio Junk Munkez created a series of colorful ottoman, which served as the framework for the washing machine drum.First, they are carefully cleaned and sanded them to the metal surface and then covered with enamel.The holes in the drums served as a canvas on which designers thread embroidered patterns.Soft satin pillow top - and a wonderful ottoman in ethnic style is ready!Inside padded stools can store magazines or other necessary little things.
If the top of the drum washing machine put strong glass, turn the coffee table.Optionally, the table can be done with colored lights.Particularly impressive, he will look into the darkness.
7. floor lamp and pendant chandelier

Slightly changing the color and texture of the drum of the washing machine and put it on a tripod, you can surprise your guests with an unusual floor lamp.Designers okleivayut painted metal base with bright fabrics, carpeted, decorated it with wine corks.This lamp is no longer meet in any of the living rooms, but ... it is possible that your friends will want to copy a masterpiece.
Ensemble unusual floor lamp will make a chandelier hanging from an old reel - just enough to complement it with a wire holder and screw the light bulb.
Create beautiful and practical things for the house with their own hands, and the advice of our members of the forum on how to breathe new life into the old washing machine, to help you in this.And if you think you do with your old refrigerator, read this stuff.