Odernovka - creation of lawns using a stacking of the finished rolls of turf.

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18 May 2016

Recently, growing in popularity, mostly wealthy people, acquires lawns coatings using the stacking of the finished rolls of turf, odernovki.Such a method has obvious positive aspects: first, it provides a very fast results (section a few days literally become unrecognizable), and secondly, it attracts with its speed and mobility in those cases where a redevelopment of some individual elements of the garden (for example, changing the width and length of the route paths).

this method, you can create all types of lawns.But it also has negative traits: the high cost of the turf is not always the highest quality rolls, which is inexperienced buyer is difficult to assess, and non-availability for sale, usually in remote regions of the country.It happens that under the guise of the grass sod sold meadow turf, cut on the natural, not seeded meadows - there are clearly visible especially our national attitude towards the problems of the protection of nature.

Quality Score, which is required to estimate the

purchase, the following:

- thick, solid, uniform covering of the stems and leaves of lawn grasses weed;

- the lack of herbage yellowed spots, dead grass, signs of damage to diseases;

- dense interweaving of roots and rhizomes in the underground layer;

- sufficient mechanical strength to break rolls (for this, taking a roll in one region, not much, but vigorously shaken the entire rug or strongly and vigorously - cut piece of 20x20 cm).

Regarding the assessment of the latter figure between the selling and buying parties may arise, to say the least friction.In this case, the buyer must keep in mind that buying expensive goods, he is entitled to such a test.If the turf is not torn, it says that it was grown for the time necessary for technology, high-quality goods that are not "precocious."

rolls transported to the packing in boxes and bags of plastic film or mesh.When folded, the roll can withstand without losing quality cover to two or three days.Otherwise, the rolls must be deployed at the site near the place of installation carefully, but abundantly watered, and then, if the grass during storage and transport time to turn white, feed the liquid nitrogen fertilizer.For this purpose, 10 l of water diluted with one or two matchboxes urea or ammonium nitrate.The amount of the purchased material is easy to calculate if we know the area of ​​the planned size of the lawn and turf mats (usually 1x2 m 0,5h1 m 0,3h1 m).To this should be added 5-10% for unforeseen expenses related to the accuracy of calculations, cutting edges, etc.

Substrate Preparation lawn spend almost the same technology as that for sowing grass, but with a few differences: improve the soil to a depth of 10cm, carefully align the surface and before the laying, make a thin layer (1-2 cm) soil nutrientconsisting of compost and superphosphate by adding sand.This "tasty" layer will contribute to the rapid growth of the roots and adhesion to the substrate roll lawn.

rules laying simple:

- its lead from the periphery to the center portion (first line the perimeter of the first row, and then go deep into the concentric rows of the site, to close mid-cut "patch" the desired shape);

- each following a series of rolls shifting relative to the previous so that the transverse edge of the mat one row have been shifted with respect to the edges of the other series ("masonry");

- The installation should be very tight - it mats inciting each other with special large wooden mallets;

- while laying the rolls lightly pritrambovyvayut to the subbase using compactors with a wide base (such as decks, scraps of thick logs with handles), ensuring intimate contact the underside of the turf mat with a nutrient layer;

- so as not to injure the green cover, while all work on the packed rolls move along the boards or plywood boards;

- on the slopes of each roll in the corners nailed to the underlying cause, "nails" - thin, ostrozatochennymi wooden pegs (they drive in flush with the surface of the roll, after a certain time, when the pad will grow to the soil, they are rot);

- after the laying joints wake of the same compost and sand mixture, which was used for breeding layer;

- at the end of laying rolls pruned sharp spade external border of the lawn, removing irregularities and adjusting grass edges created by the scheduled circuit;

- trailing operations should be abundant watering and additional bedding nutrient mixture at the seams in places where she slipped and fell into the seam;

- preferably on the outer edge of the lawn to make dumping of sand or gravel 10-15 cm wide (dumping prevents drying edges and looks nice).

quality rolls quickly grow to an underlying cause, and fused at the seams provided continuous monitoring of soil moisture in the first two weeks.Properly executed works allow you to enter the lawn in full operation in 15-20 days.Next is usually carried out regular maintenance.

GABoyko, Art.scientific.et al.Department of Dendrology Botanical Garden of Moscow State University.

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